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My mission is to take the intimidation out of Tarot.

My name is Lori Lytle, I am the founder of Inner Goddess Tarot, and I have an absolute passion for reading Tarot cards. The history, the rich symbolism, the insights the cards can give us into our own hearts and minds have kept me fascinated for most of my life. I have had the privilege to read Tarot for hundreds of people, people who tell me that they come to me for my accuracy, compassion and insight.

I have explored the cards on my own since I was young. Over the past five years, having decided to take my skills to the professional level, I immersed myself in intensive Tarot studies with distinguished teachers in my home town of Toronto, and at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. One of my greatest joys was having the opportunity to study with Tarot Goddesses, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer at Omega. In 2015, I participated in the Readers Studio for the first time, and I’ll be back next year!

Aside from Tarot, my educational background lies in Archaeology, Classical and Museum Studies, with a focus on Goddess worship, ancient history and mythology. In my university days, I spent my summers digging at archaeological sites in Athens and on the Greek Island of Crete, while soaking up the local culture and visiting museums. My career has been in the non-profit cultural fields in the area of event planning and administration, and I lived in Japan for several years, teaching English at an international university and traveling as much as humanly possible within Japan and Southeast Asia. I love to travel, particularly in Asia, Central and South America, visiting as many archaeological sites as I can along the way.

My love for and study of history, mythology and worldwide cultures complements my fascination with the Tarot. Tarot is a system of symbols, of universal archetypes, of ideas from deep in our psyches that have existed since the beginning of human civilization. My knowledge of ancient and modern cultures adds to my Tarot expertise, while my event planning and communication skills allow me to deliver an impactful and entertaining experience for my clients.

Proud Member of the American Tarot AssociationI am available for in-person readings at a central office location in Toronto, as well as by email readings for those connecting internationally. I also provide fun, fresh and interactive entertainment for private parties and large-scale corporate and fundraising events. I look forward to exploring the cards with you!

UPDATE: I am honored to report that I am now the official Tarot reader for Wonderworks in Toronto! I am there for Tarot Tuesdays each week, please come and see me! For more information and to book your appointment, contact me at or via the contact box below.

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