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Tarot Classes

What students say about my classes…

I LOVED every minute! Your energy and enthusiasm for all things Tarot is palpable and contagious. Your insights into the world and the cards of Tarot let me know that I was working with a true Master!!!
I hope to be able to have many more days and nights of being in your wonderfully glowing aura as both a teacher and a new friend with SPIRIT! – Kevin from Toronto

I found your structured yet flexible and open approach to the class very helpful. We had an agenda to cover and handouts to follow but we also had a chance to discuss and spend time having conversations about the cards, which ultimately helped us become more familiar with them. The homework assignments encouraged us to be with the cards in a daily way throughout the week. More importantly, your warm energy made the whole experience very inviting and encouraging. You are a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much from you! Thank you so much! – Shadi from Toronto

I had been wanting to learn the Tarot for many years and in November I found Lori and started taking her classes. Lori is a great instructor: her classes are fun and she makes learning the Tarot easy and practical. I love her handouts and the exercises that we do in class. The Tarot class nights are MY time to chill and be with like-minded people. Go for it, you’ll have fun! – M. from Toronto

A little peek at what I do…from my YouTube channel…

Two Specialized Tarot Workshops in Nov & Dec

Page of Wands and Nine of Pentacles Tarot cards
Making Friends With the Tricky Tarot Court Cards – Nov 15, 2017 at 6 to 8pm at Wonderworks


Mystified by the Tarot Court Cards? Ready to make friends with these tricky cards and make the most out of them in your readings for yourself and others?

Join this workshop and you will explore:
• Page or King? Exploring the meaning of the Ranks in the Court Cards
• Air or Fire? Understanding the role of the Elements in the Court Cards
• Who is this? What is this? Exploring the different functions and uses of these cards
• Getting practical: working with a Court Card only spread

This class is best for those with at least a basic/beginner Tarot knowledge and up.
Please bring a Tarot deck (preferably the Rider-Waite-Smith or similar), a notebook and a pen.

At Wonderworks, 25 Baldwin St

Cost for Court Cards workshop only: $50 (+HST)
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Take that chance, put yourself out there!
Dream 2018 into being! Exploring Your 2018 Tarot Year Card – Dec 14, 2017 at 6 to 8pm at Wonderworks


It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of 2017! What did this year bring to you? Are you looking forward to 2018 with optimism and confidence, or are you feeling a little foggy or anxious? Either way, the Tarot can help!

Did you know that each year of our life is connected with a particular Tarot card? This Year Card can give us valuable information about what the New Year may bring, challenges and life lessons that may come our way, and the resources that we have to most smoothly navigate the energies that surround us.

In this workshop:
• You will discover which Major Arcana card is your personal 2018 Year Card
• You will explore what this card means for you, and gain insight into how to make the most of the year ahead
• You will use a customized Tarot spread to gain further insight into how to ride the energy of 2018 to your best advantage
This class is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of the Tarot and up. Please bring a Tarot deck (preferably Rider-Waite-Smith based) and a notebook.

At Wonderworks, 25 Baldwin St

Cost for Year Card workshop only: $50 (+HST)
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Learn Essential Tarot Secrets: Beginner Workshop Series

CLOSED – Will offer again in Jan/Feb 2018

At Wonderworks (25 Baldwin St)


Are you looking for a way to develop and trust your intuition, a way to hear your own inner voice more clearly?

Would you like to explore and more deeply understand your true path in life?

Are you curious about Tarot and want to know how the cards can help you to dramatically improve your relationships, career choices and overall level of happiness?

You are invited to start your journey with the cards at the Learn Essential Tarot Secrets: Beginner Workshop Series.

From one of my students…

“I loved the classes, your teaching and the opportunity to meet others who share this interest! It was a lovely class, I learned a lot and appreciated the opportunity to look closely at the symbolism of the cards. Tarot is such an artful way of honing intuition, and your lessons really achieve the balance between information and direct experience! You are also such a perfect teacher — approachable, knowledgable and kind.” -Jasmine from Toronto

The Tarot is a powerful tool of transformation, empowerment and personal growth that can help you to navigate life’s ups and downs through taking accurate, guided action. In this four part workshop series, you will:

  • Learn how to connect intuitively with your cards
  • Explore the symbolism and meanings of the 22 Major Arcana cards
  • Understand the four suits of the Minor Arcana (their elements, basic numerology)
  • Build a relationship with the Court Cards
  • Start reading the cards right away and get the answers to your most burning question(s)
  • Learn illuminating and empowering Tarot spreads
  • Start your own journey of transformation and spiritual growth through the cards
  • Explore 3 major mistakes that beginner Tarot readers make and how to avoid them

The classes will be held at Wonderworks

Investment: (includes homework support by email)

Sign up now – PayPal button below, or via etransfer to

Please bring a Rider-Waite-Smith deck, a notebook and a pen. Please contact me if you need clarification.

What previous class participants have said…

I definitely want to take the intensive class so please add me to the list! I was at your intro class a few Sundays ago and it was magical and perfect.

           Melissa from Toronto

It was a pleasure to spend the evening with you and to learn not only something new, but to learn from your experience. You are so very eloquent and in control of the audience; open and approachable, sharing and giving and at the same time maintaining healthy and necessary distance between students and teacher. I wish the meeting were longer as there was so much I can learn from you.

Svetana from Toronto