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Imagine a place of sanctuary…a place of quiet magic…a place away from the noise and demand of the everyday world…this is what I can create for you. When we connect to discover the message in your cards together, this is a time when you can truly hear the whispers and shouts of your own inner voice, and when you have the chance to express and explore where are you right now and where you want to go.

Tarot is all about PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT.

Tarot is a powerful tool of transformation, empowerment and personal growth that can help you to navigate life’s ups and downs through taking intuitive and authentic action. The cards give you access to a universal source of information, as well as to the answers that already lie within, waiting for you. And I am here to be your interpreter and guide on this journey.


My in-person Tarot consultations focus on what you most need to know right now. My process is collaborative, inclusive, positive and practical. You will leave the session feeling lighter, confident, focused. My email readings dive deeply into what is going on in your life, they help you to find and stay on your true path, and give concrete steps that you can take to achieve your goals and raise your level of happiness.

Mystical yet practical guidance, delivered with love

Aquarian Tarot deck Tarot readings Toronto

Private Tarot Readings

What do you most need to know right now? Do you want to deeply understand your true path in life? Is it time to improve your relationships, career choices and overall level of happiness? A private Tarot reading with me will help you to find empowering answers and peace of mind. You will leave the session feeling lighter, more positive, and confident about going forward in life. Convenient Toronto location, flexible appointment times, also available via Skype.

Book An In-Person Reading


Tarot Readings by Email

My email readings go deep, exploring issues on your mind, decisions that need to be made, transitions that need to be navigated. They provide clarity and the next steps that need to be taken. This is a quiet, gentle, reflective process. You can communicate with me beforehand by email, and you receive your personalized reading as a PDF including images of the cards that I drew just for you. This is a document that you can refer to again and again to keep you inspired and on track.

Book An Email Reading


Inner Goddess Tarot Toronto Readings Crystals

Events & Parties

Tired of the same old same old? Add some excitement and mysticism to your next party! Lori Lytle of Inner Goddess Tarot provides unique, interactive and fun entertainment for small gatherings as well as large scale corporate and fundraising events, and is a great fit with donor recognition and staff appreciation/team building days. Give your guests an experience that they will remember long after the event, a meaningful experience they will thank you for.

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 What My Clients Are Saying

Thank you for the spot-on readings. You have an ability for uncanny channelings and a hopeful, helpful way of delivering messages from our higher selves. May you continue to grow your gifts and uncover your strengths.


– Anonymous from Toronto

Your reading was so right on and exactly what I’ve been feeling, except I just never could put it into words like you did! Thank you so much because you nailed it and you have freed me up inside! Thanks so much, Lori!!

– Shari from USA

It’s absolutely inspired. And it’s the sort of thing no one beats you at. This [email reading] is what marks you as an exceptional reader. Incredible…thank you for sharing your talents with me.


– I.C. from Toronto


Well what can I say besides WOW WOW WOW WOW!!

Your reading was so right on and exactly what I’ve been feeling, except I just never could put it into words like you did! Thank you so much because you nailed it and you have freed me up inside!  Thanks so much, Lori!!  You’ve definitely found your calling.  I’m just learning to read the cards and I will be using your reading as an example of what I’d like to be able to do someday!

-Shari from USA

Lori Lytle Inner Goddess Tarot