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Learning Tarot : Using Crystals with your Cards Part 1

I have always been fascinated by crystals. My wrists are usually dripping with crystal beaded bracelets, there are crystals dangling from my ears, my neck, and there’s often a crystal or two in my pocket. I use a quartz crystal to clear my Tarot deck, and have selenite in my office to keep the atmosphere clear and positive.

All that being said, I have never taken the time to really learn about crystals, how they work, and all they can do. Well, that was true up until last Sunday when I was a very giddy (on the inside) yet serious (on the outside) student at the Crystal Awakenings 101 class at the Rock Store here in Toronto.

Crystal Awakenings 101 at the Rock Store in Toronto

Crystal Awakenings 101 is an intense, four hour session that discusses the fundamentals of what crystals are and what they can do, crystal therapy, electromagnetic and resonance theory, and launches the student into a conscious practice working with various stones.

The cozy and serene classroom at The Rock Store

The cozy and serene classroom at The Rock Store

The class on Sunday was full, and we sat together as a quite cozy group in one of the lovely rooms at the Rock Store. I was amazed at the intensity of the group, everyone was full of questions and taking copious notes, afraid to miss even a small point. Our teacher, Andreja, shepherded us gracefully through the science-y part of the class and into the more metaphysical side of things. At one point we actually referred to the Periodic Table, a sight that has struck fear in my heart since high school science class…I have to admit, that Table was less daunting when presented in a room full of crystals, while seated comfortably on a meditation cushion!

With the technical side of things completed, we did a group guided meditation to help us connect with the energy of the Sun and ground into the energy of the Mother Earth. I found this very moving, and powerful. For our homework, we continue with a series of meditations with four different crystals, and journal about our experience. Crystal Awakenings continues with classes 102 to 105, and I have already committed to see this through to the end and see where it takes me.

Tarot and Crystals, a natural combination!

My intention is to integrate crystals into my Tarot practice. I will write about my experiences throughout this journey…if you are learning Tarot, why not come along for the ride!

For those of you out there in the Toronto area who are also interested in crystal healing, I highly recommend this class, and a visit to the Rock Store. The atmosphere there is serene, energizing, and the wide array of crystals are all unique and stunningly beautiful.

If you are shopping for crystals in Toronto, I recommend:

The Rock Store, 602 Markham Street (see above)

Wonderworks, 25 Baldwin Street – I adore Wonderworks! Aside from reading Tarot there myself, I love to shop there and soak up the atmosphere and their wonderful custom blends of tea. Wonderworks has a great selection of crystals, as well as the most beautiful pendulums I’ve seen in this city.

Gifts from the Earth, 320 Danforth Ave – Great location right in Greektown, many stones ranging from small, inexpensive tumbles to mind-blowing geodes and spheres.

Please comment below if you can recommend any other good crystal sources in Toronto or online!

The first crystal I am working with is quartz (photo from

The first crystal I am working with is quartz (photo from


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