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Learning Tarot: Meditation isn’t so easy when you have a cat

The other day, I was doing the homework for my Crystal Awakenings 102 class. This involved working with a particular crystal for one week, meditating with it, carrying it with me everywhere, and noting how it speaks to me.

I was doing a meditation that involved lying on the floor on my back, holding the crystal in my left hand, and listening to a recording of shamanic drumming, all while letting my mind fly free. Well, it was a little chilly, so I covered myself in a blanket, lay down and began.

As I settled into the meditation, my cat, Willow, came wandering into my office. She was surprised, rightly so, to see me in her turf, namely lying on the floor. So she put her nose in my face, meowed, had a good sniff at my eye lid.

My cat Willow, helping me with a Tarot reading

My cat Willow, helping me with a Tarot reading

At this point I was still able to hold my meditative detachment.

Then, as she loves my blanket (and me, of course) she climbed up on my stomach, sat there, and started kneading me, as cats do. I have to admit, I lost concentration at that point and started to laugh. It occurred to me, what would someone think if they walked in on this scene…a woman clutching a rose quartz crystal, lying on the floor, being kneaded by a cat on her stomach all to the sound of drumming.

I asked my husband how he would have reacted. He said, probably with, “Hi Honey, What’s for dinner?”

All hilarity aside, I am finding this course of meditation very enriching, and I find it has had an effect on how I read my Tarot cards, how deeply I am able to tap into my intuition. So, here are my five basic must-do’s when it comes to starting a practice of meditation.

Four of Swords: Can indicate a need for withdrawal, meditation

Four of Swords: Can indicate a need for withdrawal, meditation

1. Set aside the time you need, and give yourself permission to take this time.

If you are worrying about all you have to do, thinking about what you should be doing instead of meditating, you’re probably not going to be able to settle into the practice, let alone sit still for more than 5 minutes. Make meditation a priority, set aside the amount of time that you feel comfortable with, and just do it. Let your mind know that you haven’t forgotten about everything, you’re just taking some time off, and you’ll return to your other tasks once you’re finished.

2. Rid yourself of all distractions.

I have to be a little strict with this, it’s not easy for me to do. Close the door, turn off your phone, close Facebook or any other attention demanding or distracting social media. Let any other people (or cats) in your home know that you’re unavailable for the next x-number of minutes. Chances are, they’ll be able to figure things out and survive on their own for a little while!

3. Set the scene, create a harmonious environment

Clear away the clutter, make sure you have enough room to feel comfortable. Do something to set the scene…light a candle, burn some incense, listen to nature sounds, whatever works for you. Lift yourself out of the mundane, create a sacred space.

4. Try guided meditation if you are having trouble getting started.

There are lots of great guided meditations out there, often available for free on YouTube, that can help you when you’re just starting a practice. Listening to a soothing voice leading you through the meditation can take the pressure off, and help to keep your mind on what you’re doing.

5. Be consistent, set a schedule and goal for yourself.

I found it made a real difference when I had accountability in my practice. In the Crystal Awakenings course, we have homework, a process and a schedule that we are expected to follow. This structure kept me on track, more so than when I was doing it on my own. Go for consistency, set up a realistic schedule, and hold yourself to it.

I know, it’s not easy to put aside the time to meditate. In a busy world, where people depend on us and we have a lot of responsibilities, it can almost feel self-indulgent to take some quiet time just for ourselves. Let that feeling go. By meditating, you are taking time to care for yourself, to heal yourself and make yourself stronger. If you do this, you will be in a much better position to care for those around you.

Have you tried meditating? If so, how does it make a difference in your life? Can you make any recommendations or offer any helpful tips?

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