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Today’s Tarot Message: What you need to know today

Today’s Tarot Message – let’s ask the cards what would be most beneficial, useful and inspiring for you to know today!

Take a nice, deep breath. Ground and center yourself, quiet your mind just for a moment.

Today’s deck is the Tarot of the Hidden Realm.

Now, take a look at the cards, and choose number 1, 2 or 3.


3 cards May 5


What feeling did you get from your card?

Why were you drawn to that card?

Do you already have a sense of the message that it has for you?


Scroll down to see the cards revealed, and find out their message for you today.



Here’s what today’s cards have to say to you:


3 cards May 5 revealed

Card #1: Two of Pentacles

You are juggling a lot of responsibilities right now…you have the grace, poise and know-how to do it, but eventually you’ll get tired of the constant song and dance. Look for balance, slow down a little. If necessary, get your finances and other practical matters in order, so that you can quiet your brain and get some rest.

Card #2: Knight of Cups

Are you feeling romantic and sentimental today? You might not be able to focus on practical matters, recognize that you are acting from your heart, not your head, today. This card could also be a potential romantic partner in your life…this person is romantic and dreamy, but might not be the most reliable or quick to action.

Card #3: Six of Wands

Recognize all that you have achieved, be proud of your accomplishments. Your peers see your many abilities and talents, make sure that you recognize and celebrate them in yourself as well.

Carry your message with you today…let me know how it resonated with you, and how it factored into your day! Please comment below.


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