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Give Yourself Permission to Take a Breather (even from Tarot)

One of the biggest challenges of running your own business is adjusting to the new flow of life and work, the way that they seem to just melt into each other. My personal, on-going, quest is to learn how to give it a rest, to allow myself to take a breather once in a while.

In a previous blog post, I talked about that movie that’s always playing in your mind, and how the Tarot can help you to direct it, tame it, make it work for you. On a similar theme, it’s also important to turn off that inner movie theatre once in a while and surrender to fun and relaxation.

For all you entrepreneurs out there, do you find that even when you’re supposedly relaxing, maybe watching a movie or having a glass of wine with your sweetheart, your brain is still working overtime? For me, I often feel a low level anxiety, like there is SOMETHING ELSE I should be doing. I’m not usually able to clearly define what that is, I just fret over the fact that I’m not being productive at that very moment.

Well, that stops NOW.

Ok, maybe it’s more realistic to say that I am aware that this is a waste of energy, and starting today I’m going to make an effort to knock it off.

When I am working, I am working. Full on. Focused. Productive.

When I am playing, I am giving myself permission to relax, replenish, have some fun. Enjoy life and the lovely people around me.

On that note, this past weekend I went to the cottage with some very dear friends. I soaked up nature, laughed more than I have in ages, and enjoyed some sun, water and starry skies. I made a conscious decision to just let business go, to let myself take a breather. And imagine this, on Monday morning I woke up feeling energized and ready to make things happen.

Soaking up some nature at a friend's cottage

Soaking up some nature at a friend’s cottage

I know that I’ll have occasional and powerful slips back into anxiety, but when I do I think I’ll be more equipped to pull myself back out, and more quickly than before. To pull things back around to Tarot, here are some cards that help me centre myself when I’m feeling those amorphous worries…


Nine of Pentacles: Recognize and revel in your independence. You have worked hard and achieved much, take some time to enjoy the world you have created for yourself.

Seven of Pentacles: You have done the work, planted the seeds…step back, take a breath, and see what grows.

Nine of Swords: This is where you DON’T want to be! If you fret, worry, can’t sleep at night, internalize all your anxiety, troubles often seem bigger than they really are. Speak your mind, tell someone close to you what’s bothering you, don’t get lost in your own head.

Even if the people in your life fully support you and your entrepreneurial aspirations, everything eventually comes down to you, how you run your business and how you perceive yourself. It’s up to you to take care of your own physical and mental well-being, as well as your finances. Try not to feel like you have to ask others for permission to take some down time, recognize when you really need it, and don’t apologize for it. You’ll find that inspiration and creativity often flow more smoothly when you give yourself some time to let go once in a while.

What do you do when you’re feeling that vague entrepreneurial anxiety? Are you able to let go? Feel free to share your stories in the comments below.

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur, too? You can significantly benefit by learning to read Tarot for yourself…this is a wonderful tool for creating road maps to reach your goals, make decisions more quickly and with less anxiety, to feel the joy of being on the right path.

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