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How Can I Make the Most out of My Day Today?

I just got over a lousy cold that really laid me low. I fought it, I stubbornly refused to rest, I kept on trucking…until my body forced me to surrender. I spent a few days in a haze of NyQuil, Netflix and generally feeling sorry for myself.

Now that I’m back to fighting strength, I’m so conscious of the time I lost. I am raring to get going, get back on track. But, I feel a little overwhelmed of where to start. In situations like this, it’s tempting to retreat into the big picture, to decide it’s time to completely restructure my business, my schedule, my LIFE…somehow it seems easier to do THAT, rather then just diving into the individual tasks that need to be done. Often the toughest part is knowing where to start.

This can be the case with Tarot as well. Sometimes we want to ask the cards a big, universal, life path question…we want to sit down with our cards for hours and explore the messages that they have for us, to ponder the mysteries…

BUT SOMETIMES WE JUST DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. We just want to know what we need to know right now.

In this kind of situation, I sit down with my cards, and ask them a simple, burning question, “How can I make the most of my day today?”

I might draw one card, for a quick and clear message. I might draw three, to give me insight into what the day may bring and how to best handle it.

Today, this is the message the cards had for me…

How Can I Make the Most of My Day Today?



Ace of Swords: Today is a day for clear thought, focus. There is an opportunity for a new way of thinking, a change of perspective, a logical path that can lead me to my goals. This isn’t a day for emotion, its a day for logic, and cutting through the crap. Don’t try to run around and get EVERYTHING done, focus on what really matters and get it done. Get some iron in your spine, you can do it!

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-exploration and inner work, but never underestimate the practical information that a quick check in with the cards can give you.

Off I go, got work to do!


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