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Feeling unsettled? Me, too.

The US election results have me feeling very unsettled. I’ve had a knot in the pit of my stomach for the past few days, I feel introspective and quiet. And I’m thinking a lot about how this happened and what may come next. To gain some insight and direction, I consulted my cards.

On Wednesday morning, I drew the Five of Swords:


A win, but not a good win. If you are the aggressor, you will temporarily come out on top, but you may find that the price of victory was not worth the reward. If not, be on the lookout for people around you who are willing to cheat or betray for the sake of their own ambition and self-interest. Pick your battles.

This morning, I drew the Four of Pentacles:


Hold on to what you need today, do what you need to do to feel secure and solid. But do this mindfully… ask yourself, are you acting from a place of practicality or vague fear? Take care of yourself, your assets, your home, but keep your heart open and generous, don’t block the flow of abundance and prosperity through an attitude of scarcity or insecurity.

This all makes sense to me, does it to you?
But now, at this point, I’m asking the cards for something uplifting, action based, advice or next steps forward…how can I move past anxiety and anger to something constructive.

I drew the Wheel of Fortune.


What do you see when you look at this card?

I feel uncertainty, but even more strongly I feel opportunity. Opportunity for change to begin and really get rolling. A time to dive into the whirlwind, hold on and go for the ride. Allow a pause for personal shock or sadness or grief, and then come back into the world ready to act, adapt, seize chances for growth and change.

I often get frustrated when people say that everything happens as its meant to, that everything happens for a reason…I feel that although this is often undoubtedly true, this sentiment can also be used as an excuse for inaction. In this case, and when I look at this card, I see recent events as shocking and unsettling, but also as a catalyst for change, that things have indeed happened for a reason, and that reason is to shake people up and give them the opportunity to plant the seeds for fundamental positive shifts in the near future. What goes around, comes around.

Let’s be kind to each other, let’s support those who need it, and let’s trust that the positive actions and energy that we put out into the world will indeed pay off.

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