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Today’s Tarot Message: The Devil

Need quick (yet deep) insight into a particular Tarot card? Today’s Tarot Messages will give you a sense of the flavor and meaning of the card, plus a message that you can carry with you for your day. This is just a brief snapshot of the card, but it will give you valuable info and prompts for further study and contemplation. Something to add? Feel free to comment below!



Major Arcana: Number 15 (XV)

Correspondences: Capricorn, Earth

Keywords: Materialism, lust, bondage, slavery, temptation, shadow-side of love, ego, negative thoughts, jealousy, feeling trapped, illusion, obsession, falling from grace, under a bad influence, acknowledge your dark side, a strictly physical relationship, time to indulge your devilish impulses, a relationship that goes into an unhealthy place, bad habits, addiction, ignorance, being in the dark about something, hopelessness, delusion.


Today’s Tarot Message: If you are in an unhealthy situation, now is the time to start getting yourself out of it. You may feel powerless to break free, but that is not the case. Get that monkey off your back and start moving in a more positive direction.


Symbols in the card:

Chains: control, slave to a negative influence

Inverted pentagram:  materialism, absence of the spiritual

The entire scene: the Lovers card in the shadows, dark version of Lovers card

Devil’s hand gesture: Mocking the Magician, power misdirected, earthly rather than spirit

Black background: darkness, oppression, shadow

Questions to ask yourself:

What area of my life has gone into an unhealthy place?

How am I kidding myself?

Am I neglecting the spiritual side of my life?

Has something or someone I once loved become an unhealthy addiction?

If I am in a negative place, why am I staying there?

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