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What’s in the Cards for the Week of July 4, 2017

Looking for some mystical yet practical guidance to help you hit the ground running each week?  I’m here with my Tarot cards to give you the insight and illumination that you need to make the most of the energy of the week.

Take a moment, take a breath, and look at the image below. Choose the card that is most calling to you, 1, 2 or 3… this is your personal message from the universe to inspire and empower you in the days ahead.

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Your message revealed:

This week starts on an introspective note, with an exploration into who we really are and what we want to do with this life…and ends with a much desired flash of inspiration!

Card #1: Ten of Pentacles

Think long term today. Remember what you are working towards, keep that end goal in mind, and it will help to keep you going when challenges arise. If you’re just at the beginning of your journey, be patient and know that your efforts are building towards future financial security and comfort for yourself and those you love. You are building your legacy.

Card #2: The Hermit

It’s natural to feel introspective at pivotal times…today, you may feel the urge to withdraw, spend some time on your own, and reflect. If you are struggling to find the answer to an issue that’s been on your mind, look for it within. You may find yourself in the role of mentor or teacher today; share your own wisdom and experience to help others find their answers as well.

Card #3: Ace of Wands

Inspiration is coming today! If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it! Look for ways to express your creativity, your passion. Anything started today has great potential for growth if you continue to nurture it. Grab on to what you want and never let go.

Tarot Tuesday July 4 2017

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Images from the Centennial Smith Waite Tarot.

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