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That Back to School Feeling with Tarot

Back to Tarot School at Readers Studio 2016

Back to Tarot School at Readers Studio 2016

September for me will always mean the end of summer and time to go back to school. As I write this, it is 27 degrees (Celsius) and sunny outside my window, and I haven’t been a formal full time student for many years now…but part of me is still thinking about buying sweaters and exciting stationery and heading to the classroom.

I was a huge nerd and teacher’s pet as a student. I distinctly remember asking my grade three teacher for homework. She told me to go home and play outside, in the nicest way possible.

Also, I have a recurring dream where I have registered for either a science or French class in university, but I can never find the room, and I don’t know when it takes place, and I have to write the exam or else I won’t get my degree and yet I’ve never attended the class…anyone else have this kind of dream? Not pleasant.

So, thinking about back to school and all it means to us, how deeply it is ingrained in us, I created these two Tarot spreads to help navigate this bittersweet time of year. The first one is useful for everyone, the second is geared towards kids of all ages who are actually heading back to school in the next few days.

The Perpetual Student Tarot Spread

Are you feeling the urge to try something new? To more fully develop your talents? To pick up something that you left behind years ago? This spread can help you to explore options and directions that will re-ignite your creativity and passion for learning:



(Really) Heading Back to School Tarot Spread

Do you have a child who is (reluctantly) heading back to school? Doing this spread together may help your child to express any worries they have about going back to class, and perhaps inspire a feeling of excitement and possibility for the year ahead:

Really Back to School Spread

Please hop over to my You Tube channel for a walk through each of these spreads.

Videos and examples of reading these spreads: Perpetual StudentActual Student

September is such a lovely time of year…when we drift away from the ease and heat of summer, and turn our minds to new beginnings, preparation for cold days ahead, starting to dream of what we want to achieve in the coming year…honor summer, don’t rush it away, but allow yourself to get excited about the possibilities that Autumn brings. We are all perpetual students, isn’t it wonderful that there is always something new to learn! Tarot teacher signing off, going to soak up some sun and then hit the books.

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  1. rory t. knight September 5, 2016 at 8:36 pm #

    I already chose, and I come under the authority of the Dragon.
    I am really good with the moon, and now I know your secrets.

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