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Blue Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse: A Heart to Heart with Luna

Over the moon at Readers Studio 2015I have a special relationship with the Moon. I know I am not her only admirer, but my love is true. I FEEL the Moon, even when I can’t see her. I flow with her changes, I look to her for guidance and comfort. She sends me dreams that both inspire and confound, she steals my sleep and also takes me to deep places of rest.

To me, the Moon is the Goddess. You can get to know her through many different names (Selene, Luna, Hekate, Artemis, Ix Chel, Yemaya…) faces and forms, knowing that at the core, all are ONE.

On January 31, Mother Moon is really going to outdo herself. We have the rare chance to experience a super moon, a blue moon, a blood moon and a lunar eclipse, all at once

So what does this mean?

A Super Moon occurs when the full moon is at the closest distance that it reaches to Earth in its elliptic orbit, often making the moon look larger than usual.

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a month, a fairly rare occurrence.

A Blood Moon refers to the reddish glow that the Moon takes on during a Lunar eclipse.

(Looking for a more scientific explanation? Try this.) 

So what does all this have to do with Tarot, and how can you make the most of this powerful and rare celestial event?

In my experience, Lunar eclipses are deeply connected with our own inner world, with our intuition. They speak to our truest selves, the self who may prefer to hide herself safely away from the outer world most of the time. Lunar eclipses can help us to connect with more ease with our own Inner Moon Goddess, to hear her messages more clearly.

Lunar Eclipses also offer us the opportunity for revelation and release. They often reveal what is hidden in our lives, what wants to be seen, acknowledged, and understood. They give us the chance to let go of what is no longer serving us well, more often than not something in the emotional realm, so that we can take the first steps forward on a new, authentic and more enriching path.

And when an event this rare and unusual occurs, we take note. We acknowledge that this is something special, outside of the daily grind, and we give ourselves permission to pause, to put aside some time to experience it and see where it takes us.

Tarot, for me, is a beautiful tool to help us translate the messages that the Moon sends to us on occasions such as this. The cards are a gateway into another world, the realm of intuition and shadow, and act as our guide in this extraordinary place.

Take a look at the Tarot Moon card (this one is from the RWS Tarot).

Moon Tarot card and Eight of Cups

We see a golden Moon, eyes closed, focusing intense energy down to the scene below. All three phases of the Moon are represented here, and the image also reminds me of a Lunar Eclipse. A path stretches out towards the distance, it is in shadow, it goes over unknown terrain, and to proceed we must pass by a dog and a wolf, a friend and a foe? Do we have to reconcile our domestic and our wild sides? We are being asked to show courage, to proceed through this landscape even in shadow, to trust our intuition over our more mundane senses.

The crustacean that emerges from the water, drawn inexorably by the pull of the moon, lets us know that there is something from the depths of ourselves that wants to come to light. Emotions will be stirred up, unresolved issues will demand attention, and if we don’t address them they will find another way to get their message out, through dreams, signs, music…we may have to go into the darkness to find answers, the way will be confusing, but the opportunities for magic and wisdom are profound.

During the Lunar events on January 31, there are many ways to commune with your Tarot cards, and the Moon. Here are five that I will be doing:

  1. Cleanse and charge your cards in the light of the Moon. Place them in a window, perhaps place a clear quartz crystal and/or a moonstone with your cards to amplify the energy.
  2. Meditation with the Moon card as your guide. Pull the Moon card from your deck. Place it on your altar if you have one, or just hold it out at easy arm’s length in front of you. Sit comfortably, breathe and center yourself, allow yourself to gently gaze at the card. Notice the details, be mindful of what your eyes are drawn to. Allow yourself to enter the landscape of the card, experience the environment around you, respectfully ask for the message that the Moon has for you to be revealed. Be sure to jot down anything that you want to remember and revisit.
  3. Meditation with the Eight of Cups as your guide. Please see the image above. This is another card (the RWS version) that to me seems to illustrate an eclipse in progress, certainly we see a full, impassive Moon looking down at the intrepid figure in red on the card. That figure is leaving behind something they love, or perhaps really going very far outside their comfort zone, to go on a spiritual quest. Using the technique described above, let yourself go into that card, be that cloaked figure. Ask yourself, do I know where I want to go next in my life? What do I have to leave behind or sacrifice to do that? What will help me on my journey? What might hinder me? Ask the Moon, who sees all, who isn’t bound by our human limitations, to provide you with guidance for your journey.
  4. My Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread: At the time of Eclipse, ask your cards to help you to hear and understand the powerful message that the Moon wishes to share with you. If you can, get up before sunrise on January 31, make yourself a cup of tea, find a private spot where ideally you can see the moon (but don’t worry if you can’t, you are still bathed in her energy), and get out your cards. Ask the Goddess of the Moon to reveal what will be most beneficial for you to know right now. Here is a three card spread that I love to give you some structure for your question and the answer you receive: 1: What truth is being revealed to me? 2: What needs to be released? 3: Where will it serve me well to focus my intention and energy?Lunar Eclipse Tarot spread5. Don’t forget to LOOK UP! And if you can’t actually see the Moon, close your eyes, open your mind and heart, and let the energy wash over you.

I invite you to focus your energy on the Moon now and until the time of the Eclipse. Be open to messages, signs and dreams. Does the Moon card itself appear in your Tarot daily draws? Or cards that include the image of the Moon? Do you find yourself or those around you using expressions or metaphors that reference the moon? Think about what the Moon means to you. Identify a particular Moon Goddess who resonates with you and learn all you can about her. Surrender yourself to full moon fever, give yourself permission to HOWL.

In honor of the Moon and this momentous occasion, I am offering a limited quantity of Blue Blood Super Moon Eclipse Email Tarot Readings, only available for purchase until Jan 30 (and they are almost gone). See details and book here.

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