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How Tarot Can Help You With Your Career Goals

Most of my Tarot clients are women. Mature women, accomplished women, ambitious women who have figured quite a few things out.

More often than not, they are coming to see me because they have questions around their career on their minds.

The questions usually fall in these areas:

  • You have a particular career goal that you want to reach and you’re looking for the best way to accomplish it
  • You would like to know if it is beneficial to stay in your current job or field, or if the time is right for a significant change
  • You know that it is time for a change, and would like to get a sense of what opportunities are out there for you
  • You are seeking more work/life balance
  • You are experiencing some kind of conflict or office politics and would like to know how to best navigate it
  • You are considering retiring in the next few years and want to know how to best prepare
  • You are about to retire and are wondering what may be next
  • You are feeling unfulfilled in your current job but you need some clarity on what will provide greater fulfillment

What I love about doing these kind of readings is that they are empowering, and provide useful, practical information. My clients aren’t looking for a magical solution, and they don’t feel that they are just subject to fate, they want to use all the resources that they have at their disposal to achieve their goals and build an affluent and fulfilling life for themselves and those they love.

I also love that these luminous women come to the Tarot for this kind of advice. Their daily work lives are usually quite conventional, they are expected to be pragmatic, logical and conservative. But, they know that they can have access to another source of information from the Tarot, something deeper and more personal and aligned with their own higher selves. They may not even tell anyone that they see me, a Tarot reader, and I take my clients’ privacy very seriously, everything stays in the vault.

The Tarot can help you to find those bigger picture answers that you are looking for (What is my life purpose? What kind of career path will feed my soul?) as well as bringing laser sharp clarity when it comes to more specific decisions. Here are three examples.

1. If you are feeling like you aren’t thriving at work, or in your business, but you’re not sure why, you can ask the cards to shed some light. This spread gives you some insight into your work style, and how to navigate things if your current workplace really rubs against the grain. This spread can be useful if you are just starting to establish yourself in your career, or if you are a seasoned pro who needs a check in.

2. If you have a specific career goal in mind, but you’re not sure how to reach it, I recommend this powerful technique. Choose one card from the deck that most closely depicts where you are now in your career or your job. Choose it actively, look through the deck and find the one that most resonates. Then, think about where you want to be. What does that look like, what does that feel like? Again, look through the deck and then choose the card that most closely illustrates that goal. Lay those two cards out with some space in between. Now, shuffle the deck, and create your Tarot map from where you are now to where you want to be. Pull as many cards as you need, asking for some concrete action steps that you can take in order to reach your goal.

Here’s a quick example. This person runs their own business, but they aren’t seeing the financial stability that they desire. They chose the Seven of Cups to express the overwhelm that they are feeling. They have lots of ideas, but can’t seem to bring them to manifestation. They are looking for a secure income, to firmly establish themselves and their business, and to have more free time to enjoy the money that they earn, represented here by the Nine of Pentacles.

How can they reach their goal?

Golden art nouveau tarot cards career spread

The Nine of Wands says, “Don’t give up.” This person has been through the wringer, but they are still standing strong. They are closer to their goals than they realize, they just need to hang on a bit longer.

The Knight of Cups advises them to follow their heart, even in their business. Their business will thrive if they focus on the products/offerings that they enjoy providing, and if they work with clients who they resonate with. This may mean adjusting their services, or concentrate on targeting their ideal clients rather than trying to be everything for everyone. Authenticity in their actions, offerings and messaging is crucial.

The Magician invites them to step into their power. Understand and use their talents. Don’t hold back or make themselves smaller than they are. On a practical note, the Magician speaks to upping their marketing game. It is time to put themselves out into the spotlight, to show their awesomeness out in the real world through speaking gigs and perhaps networking groups, rather than hiding behind the computer. The Magician says, “Show the world what you’ve got!”.

3. If you are considering two (or more) specific choices or options, ask the cards what the impact might be if you choose A, or B. I would usually start by pulling one card, just to get an idea of where my client is right now and what’s going on in their heart and mind, and then pull cards for the particular scenarios.

For example, this person is wondering if they should stay in their current job, even though it isn’t very fulfilling, or if they should take another job that is being offered to them.

career change choice tarot spread

The first card, representing my client, is the Queen of Wands. Clearly she is in a powerful position in her career, she has experience, ambition and has established herself as a visionary and someone who gets things done.

If she stays in her current job, we see the Two of Pentacles and the Three of Swords. This looks like a path of disappointment, potentially betrayal, and a lot of song and dance and juggling responsibilities.

If she takes the other job, we see the Page of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles. This feels like a choice that would lead her to new fulfillment in her work, a job with creativity and new learning experiences, as well as authority and substantial financial gain.

Which path would you choose?

If you, like many of my lovely clients, are at the point when you want more from your career, if you want all those working hours to bring you financial as well as personal reward, I encourage you to turn to the Tarot for guidance. The cards can give you perspective, help you to see options that may be hidden, and to give you a deeper understanding of what you really want and will make you happy.

Cards from the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot (Lo Scarabeo) 

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