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A Tarot Spread for this Full Moon, and all Full Moons

I love reading Tarot under the light of the Full Moon.

There is magic in that light.

That Moon has the power to draw those deep answers up and out of the cards, out of our hearts and souls. It shows us what we need to see. It can help us to understand what we need to feel whole.

Here is a Tarot spread that you can try whenever the Moon is full.

A Tarot spread for the Full Moon

Let me walk you through it, just a little. And then let your intuition and the Moon be your guides.

  1. What mystery is being revealed to me? The full moon is really good at bringing things that have previously been hidden into the light. What information is the Moon revealing to you? Or reflecting back at you? This may be something personal, and specific only to you and your path. Or, it may give you a glimpse into something more universal, a clearer understanding of current events in the wider world.
  2. What guidance does my logical mind offer at this time? Make some space for that logical, practical voice. Can it provide you with the information that you need to get through a time of confusion or uncertainty? Can it point you in the right direction when you are feeling indecisive or unsure?
  3. What guidance does my instinctive mind offer at this time? Let your intuition speak to you. What does your own inner, deeper, primal self want you to know? Perhaps this card will give you insight into any vivid dreams you have had recently, or explain subtle signs that have been appearing to you.
  4. How can I bring those messages together? Do cards #2 and #3 compliment each other? Conflict with each other? Pull a card to see how they may be related, and what the higher message might be.
  5. What ritual or action does the Moon ask of me right now? Pull that card, and look for a concrete action that you can take. Do you see the elements of a ritual there? Do you see a practical action that you can take today or tomorrow? This is something that will bring further illumination or perhaps a necessary completion in an area of your life.

Bask in the light of that Full Moon, honour Her, and don’t forget to look up!

2 Responses to A Tarot Spread for this Full Moon, and all Full Moons

  1. Kaysee August 7, 2020 at 4:12 pm #

    Thank you for your input.
    Trying to find my revealment

    • innergoddesstarot August 7, 2020 at 6:31 pm #

      Thank you for reading!

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