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Accessing Gratitude in the Tarot

We’re in a strange time right now, wouldn’t you agree?

Over the past three months, I have gone through a rich array of emotions.

Anxiety. Fear. Confusion. Love. Longing. Grief, relief, disbelief. Joy. Grouchiness. Euphoria. Gratitude.

And yes, these may all occur in one day.

Through it all, I keep reminding myself to bring it back to gratitude.


This is the beginning and basis of all spiritual practice, and it makes life a magical thing.

I am talking pure, blissful, thankful gratitude. No qualifications, no apologies, no guilt about the blessings that you enjoy.

Just sending thanks out to the universe for the chance to have a life on this planet.

It is too easy to fall into a spiral of negativity, or lack, or sorrow, or defensiveness. It is difficult to remove yourself from that spiral.

If I get into that place, I take it back to gratitude for the big things, and the small things.

When I’m really struggling to raise my vibration, I play a little game with the Tarot.

I shuffle the cards, asking to see what will put me in that place of gratitude, joy and generally feeling good. For every card I pull, I have to come up with something that I’m grateful for. No cheating, no skipping cards. And I keep doing that until I am uplifted and resonating with my true, higher self.

Let’s give it a try…

Join me. Don’t over think it, answer as quickly as you can for each card. One card could spark many rays of gratitude, go with your first flash.

Queen of Cups – I’m grateful for my Mom and her oceans of emotion and love. You?

Seven of Wands – I’m grateful for my determination and stubbornness. You?

Two of Pentacles – I’m grateful for my bookkeeping software that makes me crazy but keeps me on top of my finances. You?

The High Priestess – I’m grateful to be a Tarot reader and to do what I love and am called to. You?

The Lovers – I’m so grateful to have a partner that loves and supports me in everything I do. You?

Queen of Wands – I’m grateful for my cat, my darling little alien familiar. You?

Three of Pentacles – I’m grateful for meaningful professional relationships and collaboration with colleagues. You?

Page of Wands – I’m grateful for my sister who reminds me that life is an adventure and always inspires me. You?

Four of Pentacles – I’m grateful for the money I have, the resources that sustain me, the home that keeps me secure and cozy. You?

I know this is simple, and simplistic, but don’t you feel good right now?

You can do this exercise with the Tarot, or with any oracle deck.

After you have pulled those cards, and you are feeling good, and that those cards are enough, go back and read them as a spread. See if you can weave them together, tell a story to yourself, and find even more reasons to feel grateful and, quite simply, good. That well-being opens doors to the wider universe.

If you’re looking for more, here’s a Gratitude-themed Tarot spread I created a while back…


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