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Inspire Yourself with Tarot

I am seeing a shift in the reasons why people are booking Tarot readings with me.

When the pandemic first hit, people were booking readings for very practical topics. Many were navigating the challenges and opportunities of “regular” life, looking for fulfilling work, considering purchasing a home, hoping to find a partner or improve a relationship.

Now, of course those topics still come up and are important and meaningful, but the motivations for readings are shifting towards bigger picture questions. People are asking about life purpose, about what they came into this world to create and be. They are looking for answers and meaning in all of this.

More and more, people are coming to the cards for inspiration, rather than fortune telling.

And I LOVE that.

Cosmic meditation

Many of us are starting to feel weary. We are tired of the limitations of the pandemic. We are depleted by extended worry and uncertainty. We are grateful for all of the blessings in our lives but we are still looking for more.

The Tarot reminds us of who we are, what we can accomplish, and shows us the opportunities around us that are waiting to be seized.

The cards show you the epic story of your life, and how you can be the hero of that story.

The world is a magical place, we are meant to enjoy it, to live with joy. We are meant to pursue our desires and achieve our dreams. The Tarot gives us a window into how we can do this with more ease and in tune with our greater purpose.

The next time you have a reading, try starting with a check in with the cards on this higher level. Ask the cards to show you how you can live in better alignment with your purpose, and who you really are at your core. Look at the cards with wonder, like you would a fairy tale or epic poem. Muse on the mysteries of life.

Then, get into the practical, specific questions. They are important, too.

First, get a sense of where you want to go on that universal, energetic level. Then, ask the cards to show you how to get there.

A Tarot reading can be fun, it can make you laugh, it can be the push that you need.

A Tarot reading can also be a sacred experience, if you let it.

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