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Some ideas on how to feel relatively OK right now

As I sat down to write this I thought to myself, “What would be the most helpful thing I could write today?”.

The answer is, I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. I don’t know what is going to make everyone feel like everything is ok. There isn’t one thing that is going to make everyone feel like everything is ok.

And perhaps feeling like everything is ok isn’t what’s best for us right now.

We’re feeling anxious and afraid and angry because things need to change.

We can take action towards change, and embrace change, while still doing what we need to do to feel safe and relatively ok.

All I can say is hang in there. Things are going to get better. We’re going through a heavy time, but I know it is going to lead to much needed change and healing.

I pulled a card for inspiration, for myself and whoever reads this, and The Star appeared.

The Star

Have hope. Know that wishes do come true. Remember that you are made of stardust and eternity and that the universe loves you. Know that you are beautiful and special. Take a breath and pause to appreciate the majesty of this life.

And, whenever possible, take action towards your bigger goals, while keeping things simple.

Here are some simple, small things that make me feel like things are relatively ok in the midst of general chaos:

  • if you need to do nothing today, do nothing
  • if you’re sad, be sad
  • if you’re happy, keep it rolling, savor and encourage it, amp it up
  • if it’s possible, get outside every day
  • a hot bath with lavender is almost always a good idea
  • celebrate special occasions in some way, don’t let them pass by unnoticed
  • watch or read or listen to something that makes you laugh
  • call a friend or family member on the phone, give the Zoom a rest
  • tell someone how much you love them
  • CATS (they are actually the answer to everything)
  • make time for hobbies and interests and fun (you don’t have to be productive all the time)
  • drink tea and eat cookies
  • give someone a present
  • buy some Tarot cards and crystals (I’m enabling myself here)
  • get rid of clutter or stuff you don’t need
  • trust in the universe or a higher power, put yourself in their hands for today

What will you add to this list?

Be well, be happy, be peaceful and safe.

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