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Everything you need in one (Tarot) card

I love to luxuriate in a Tarot reading session. It is wonderful to have an hour, or longer, to explore the cards with a client or for myself, to go in deep, and to work with an extensive Tarot spread or to just keep laying out those cards freeform.

Recently, though, I know that many people are feeling overwhelmed.

Seven of Cups Tarot card

Everyday the news throws something challenging or unsettling at us, we are surrounded by uncertainty and anxiety, making it difficult to concentrate or maintain a clear perspective. Sitting down to give yourself a Tarot reading may seem daunting, you may feel like you just don’t have the focus and the energy that you need to interpret those cards accurately.

On those days of overwhelm, what I suggest is getting back to basics and keeping things simple.

Stick to one card.

Tarot card all seeing eye

No clarifying cards, no big spreads, just one card.

It can be tempting to pull more cards, rather than going deep into one, but hold yourself back and stick to that one card. One card can give you the clear answer that you need. One card contains a universe of wisdom, insights and inspiration.

Here are some ways to approach it.

  1. Come up with a specific question that you want answered. Ask yourself what would be the most helpful thing to ask the cards, think about what it is that you really want to know, and then keep that question in your mind as you shuffle and draw your card.
  2. Make note of your first intuitive flash when you see the card. Before you start pulling up traditional meanings for the card in your mind, or consulting a book, let yourself look at the card and FEEL. Make note of how you felt when you first turned over that card, did you laugh, or smile, or grimace? Did a particular word or phrase pop into your mind? Did it spark a memory? Whatever your reaction was, say it out loud or write it down.
  3. Keywords. Now, ask yourself what keywords you associate with that card. Write down the first three that come to mind without overthinking it. Then, have a look at those words and ask yourself why those ones came to mind first, and try to relate them to the question you are asking.
  4. Describe the card. Speaking out loud, describe the scene that you see on the card. To get warmed up, start with what you see literally, and then let yourself go wild. See yourself in the card, and your situation, and ask yourself why this particular card appeared for you, and what the most helpful message is.

That ONE particular card appeared for you. There is a reason for it. Seek that reason, be open to the information that the card contains, immerse yourself in it, get excited and curious, let your energy dance with it. Don’t brush it aside too quickly.

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