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A Tarot Love Note to Yourself

As a Tarot reader, and a wedding officiant, I spend a lot of time talking about and thinking about LOVE.

Love Candy Hearts

We human beings sure are good at overcomplicating things, and love is no exception to that.

If we take it down to bare bones, everyone wants to be loved, and to be able to express love. In the way that makes sense for them and makes their heart sing.

Many people come to me for a Tarot reading because they have matters of the heart on their minds. They often feel sheepish or embarrassed to ask about love, as if it is a frivolous question. I think it is quite the opposite, love is the only question.

I don’t mean romantic love here, or finding your soulmate or perfect partner. That is a beautiful part of life, but it’s not the place to start.

If you don’t love and appreciate yourself, and if you don’t feel loved by the universe, you’re not going to find what you need in another person.

When I read Tarot for my clients, I am overwhelmed by the beauty, kindness, sensitivity and wisdom I see in them, and that they don’t seem to see in themselves. And, because they don’t see this in themselves, they feel lost, or without purpose, or unsure of how to find happiness. I am honest about what I see in the cards, and I am careful not to sugarcoat things, but I believe that part of my job as a reader is to reflect my clients back to themselves, to show them their strengths and challenges in the symbols and figures on the cards, to help them to see their wonderous selves as they really are.

Lori Lytle Inner Goddess Tarot

We all do things that we aren’t proud of. We say things that we wish we could take back. We don’t always act with honor and compassion. But, I find that people dwell on those things much more than on their triumphs, the times they acted with love and courage, the kindness they showed to others. This doesn’t do anyone any good.

Loving yourself involves courage, the ability to forgive yourself and others, to make amends when you need to, to move on when you need to. We tell ourselves that we will be happy when we reach our full potential, when we achieve a particular goal or success, when we have done the work and faced our shadows.

I say, love yourself now, just as you are.

Sure, continue to grow, to learn, to serve, to work, but do that from a place of mad love for yourself. It will change everything.

Here’s a Tarot spread to kick off that process. Have fun with it. No one else needs to see it, or discuss it, you don’t need to defend or explain it, it’s just for you. Choose a deck to work with that you love, one that speaks to your heart rather than your head.

Card # 1: What do I love about myself? (CHOOSE THIS ONE ACTIVELY FROM THE DECK, not with a random shuffle. Don’t be shy, find a card that expresses something, anything, that you LOVE about yourself. And then just bask in that energy.)

Card #2: Which card reminds me that I am loved and that the universe IS love? (CHOOSE THIS ONE ACTIVELY FROM THE DECK and spend sometime basking in its energy.)

Card #3: What is something wonderful about myself that I may not be seeing? (Choose randomly/leave up to the universe.)

Card #4: What past action or situation can I finally forgive myself for? (Choose randomly/leave up to the universe.)

Card #5: How can I nurture my own heart going forward from right now? (Choose randomly/leave up to the universe.)

Wishing you deep love for yourself, loving people around you, and a connection with the divine source which is love.

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