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The Hope of Spring: A Tarot Spread for the Equinox

Spring flowersMarch 20th marks the beginning of Spring here in the northern hemisphere, and even though I still wore my winter parka today, my heart is starting to believe that gentler weather and green life will soon appear.

I’m not a winter person, and in the best of times by March I am sick of the sight of dirty snow, brown scrubby plants, feeling cold and hunched and restricted.

This pandemic year, I am so grateful for the occasional unseasonably warm day, and the blue sky and sunshine of a cold day, because going for walks are one of the few things I can still do outside of the house, and when the winter winds blow it makes it harder to motivate myself to take that daily constitutional.

When Ostara and the Equinox arrive, I’m ready to burst free, to let everything that hid and percolated within me during the winter months reveal itself,  and then grow and thrive.

I think of Persephone, winding her way up through the darkness, emerging into the world of light and life, and I welcome her back to us. I ask my soul to take that same journey.

I feel the Spring Equinox as a pause, an inward held breath, a time when we have the opportunity to bring ourselves into perfect balance, before the scales tip and the fullness of Spring arrives. It is a time when we become acutely aware of the light and the dark within ourselves, the joyful and the heart-wrenching events in our lives, when it is clear that both sides of the coin are necessary and should be honored.

Of course, this is a great time to consult the Tarot, to take that pause, to ask the cards to tap into the energy of this potent day, and to see what the universe has to say to you.

I created this Spring Equinox Tarot spread to get a clearer picture of where I may be out of balance in my own life, how to come into greater alignment, and what may emerge as a result. I hope it speaks strongly to you as well.

Here’s a super quick look at the spread I pulled for the collective (for the wider world, and for anyone who is now reading this):

Cards 1 & 2: Where are we out of balance in our lives – The Chariot and The Hermit

What a combination! So, we are all feeling that Chariot, standing at the starting gate, waiting for the signal to go forward. We want the world to open up, we want to be able to move ahead with our lives, we’re so ready to leave this past year behind us. But, we need to be that Hermit for a while longer. Many of us are still isolated, and we need to find a place of ease with all of this introspection.

Cards 3 & 4: How can we bring these forces into balance – The World and the Four of Wands.

Know that things will come to completion, everything needs time to come full circle, and then we will be  triumphantly free. See the journey through to the end. And in the meantime, stay connected with friends, family and community however you can, and celebrate every happy occasion, big or small.

Cards 5 & 6: What will emerge, thrive and grow when we find our balance – Two of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles.

We will understand what is really important to us, and we will cherish it. We will see that connections with loved ones cannot diminish, and we’ll pick up right where we left off with dear ones we haven’t seen in ages. Our hard work will come to beautiful fruition. So mote it be.

Wishing you a magical Equinox and a happy Spring season ahead!


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