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A Tarot Spread to Navigate those Anxious Days

I have always been a worrier. It’s hardwired in me. I’ve learned to manage it, and of course reading Tarot helps with that, but over the past year my worrier genes have kicked into overdrive. (Thanks for that, pandemic.)

Worry is connected to control. I worry about the people I love, and I want to control the universe around them and keep them safe.

And, being an introvert and an empath, I have a vivid imagination that comes up with all kinds of stuff. Scenarios both wonderful, and terrible.

I’m sure you can relate.

Over the past 12 months I’ve tried to control all the variables I can. And I’ve been very bossy with my loved ones out of concern and adrenaline. But now that we realize that we’re in this for a longer term than we expected, something has got to give or we’re going to burn ourselves out.

Here is a Tarot spread centred on this idea of control, what we can and can’t control. I’ve found it to be really helpful recently. (Scroll down for a video demo of this spread.)

When you’re feeling worried, or anxious, or wearing yourself out by trying to be the Master of the Universe, She Who Is Responsible for Everyone and Everything, give this a try.

Give your cards a good shuffle. Make it a meditative exercise. Breathe, shuffle, breathe, shuffle. Do this slowly, methodically, until you feel calm.

Ask the cards, “What is in my power to control today?”.

Draw that card and lay it down. Look at that card and pay attention to the first thought, word or image that came to mind. Then, translate that into something from your daily life. Does the image reflect something or someone that you are concerned with? Does it help you to make a decision, to say yes or no to an opportunity or offer? Does it show you personal resources or strengths that you have access to. Don’t leave that card until you get the answer that you need.

Next, ask the cards, “What is not in my power to control today?”.

Follow the same process as above. Do you see yourself in that card? Someone in your life? External forces? World events? The weather? Loved ones? Once you have your answer, release that card and that desire to control. Let the need for control evaporate. Surrender and trust. It will feel like a relief.

Then, if you like, you can pull another card for further information about those first two cards.

For the situation you CAN control, you could ask the cards for how to navigate this situation, what steps you need to take for your best advantage or outcome.

For the situation you CAN’T control, you could ask the cards how to release this situation from your heart and mind, how to trust that things will flow as they need to, or anything helpful that the cards wish to show you.

Here’s a video taking you through an example. Give this spread a try, and let me know in the comments how it runs for you.

(Struggling with anxiety during this time of uncertainty? You’re not alone. Learn from the experts on how you can cope. Here are some resources to help cope with Covid-19 uncertainty)



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