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Don’t take the magic out of Tarot

People often tell me that my Tarot readings leave them feeling inspired, uplifted and peaceful.

(And I LOVE that.)

I think this is because when I read the cards, I’m looking for possibilities, magic, solutions and empowering messages. When I close a reading, I like to offer a blessing to the person I’m reading for, an intention for joy or wisdom or resolve or relief or action.

I believe, I know, that the cards are powerful catalysts for change, action and greater satisfaction with the life you are living.

They don’t just tell you that something is going to happen whether you like it or not.  (Well, to be fair, if they do, they always give you guidance on how to navigate that thing that Fate is throwing at you.)

The cards show us what is possible, without the limits that we impose on ourselves and what we believe we are capable of. They help us to get past the resistance that we throw in our own way.

This is not to say that I pull punches or sugarcoat the truth that I see in the cards. As I get older, I find those tough messages easier to deliver, because they are usually the ones that are most needed and transformational.

I love the cards because they show us as we really are, in our beauty and ugliness, our courage and our fear, our HUMANNESS.

They remind us that we are not small creatures, we are the heroes of our epic life story.

I think a Tarot reading should show you what you need to see. And what we need to see is what we are dealing with right now, what is possible for us, and how to achieve outcomes that will be beneficial in the grand scheme of things.

I believe that the cards are magic, reading Tarot is a spell, a story, a ritual act. They show us the possible future, and how to create the future we desire.

I think that the cards are accessible to everyone, but I don’t think we should take the magic away. They are not mundane. They are not mechanical. Getting a Tarot reading isn’t like getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist or getting your fridge repaired. When you read Tarot, embrace the magic and the mystery. You can get the practical messages you need, and SO MUCH MORE if you don’t make yourself more sensible and rational than you need to be.

This morning I pulled The Star as my card for the day.

The Star Tarot card

Where I live, it was a gray, rainy, melancholy morning. A true Monday morning.

The day before had been magical for me, I was reminded that I am magic and the world is magic and we’re meant to enjoy this life. When I went to sleep last night, I set that intention for me, to REMEMBER that I am magic (you are, too).

I have to admit, that wasn’t the first thought I had when I woke up today. I thought how dreary it is, how much work I need to get done, I worried a bit about some financial stuff, I worried about my loved ones, I wished I had a couple more hours of sleep.

Then, I pulled The Star and all the magic returned.

When I saw this card my first thought was that we should all be more gentle with ourselves. I thought, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up with what we should have already done, or who we think we should be. We can just be ourselves. Appreciate what we’ve been through. Look forward to happy times. Anticipate miracles and magic. Make feeding our souls and connecting with Source a priority.

When you approach the world in this way, beautiful things happen.

The Star card comes after some of the most challenging and destabilizing cards in the deck. So, it isn’t all sweetness and light. It is healing after traumatic events, returning to ourselves after situations that rock us to our very cores. It is remembering how to SHINE again, and to know that we are enough, just as we are. More than enough.

So the Star can show us what we need to see, and also inspire us. It can help us to assimilate everything we have seen or experienced and to remind us that we are still here and we are beautiful. It invites us to make a wish and to watch for miracles.

Don’t take the magic away from your Tarot experience. Don’t make it a mundane run-of-the-mill everyday experience, even if you read the cards as part of your daily routine. Why else do we read Tarot, if not for a glimpse into the mysteries? Let them sparkle for you, and let yourself sparkle as well.

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