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Reflecting Back on your 2021 Tarot Year Card

We have almost reached the end of 2021.

I don’t want to celebrate the end of the year too soon. I don’t want to express any hubris or tempt the Fates.

But, I will be happy to say farewell to this strange year, and to start 2022 with hope and determination and in anticipation of greater universal kindness and peace of mind.

This is a reflective time of year, isn’t it? It’s a natural time to look back at the year that is ending and to try to make sense of it all and understand the lessons and blessings that it has to offer.

At this time of year, I revisit and have a metaphorical conversation with my Tarot year card, so that I can start to get an understanding of how it manifested itself throughout the year that is coming to a close. This year it is laughably literal, but other years I’ve had to mull it over.

This practice helps me to wrap up loose ends, thank and honor and say farewell to all that occurred, and to make space for the New Year and my new Tarot Year Card to come in in all its glory.

So, at this point you may be asking, what is my Tarot Year card anyways? It is based on your date of birth, combined with the current year, and by using some simple math it all reduces down to a Major Arcana Tarot card. This card gives you an idea of the energy and atmosphere of the year ahead, the challenges, the opportunities, what you’ve got to work with.

 (BTW I highly recommend diving into “Who are You in the Tarot” by Mary K. Greer for amazing depth on this topic).

My 2021 year card has been The Chariot.

The Chariot from the Waite-Smith Tarot

The Chariot from the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

The Chariot is about moving forward towards your goals with confidence, determination and focus. It is an invitation to go out into the wider world, to experience the triumphs and the bumps in the road, and to get to know what you are capable of and who you really are.

In a Chariot year, its a good idea to know where you’re going, or where you want to go, because you are going to MOVE. You can take any route that you please, but if you don’t know what the ultimate desired destination is, you’re going to go around in circles and probably hit some pot holes and take the long way around.

The Chariot manifested in a literal way for me. My husband and I sold our downtown Toronto house, and moved out to Niagara wine country. I had that goal, I knew exactly where I wanted to land, I was like a horse with blinkers on, focused on the goal. And thank goodness I was, because the road was a lot bumpier than we were led to believe by tricksters along the way. We achieved our goal, and I sure got to know what I am capable of, my strengths and my not so pretty weaknesses and shadows.

So, the Chariot represents triumphs and success, but also lessons learned the hard way.

Also, I learned the power and the problems around FOCUS. I had to focus so intensely on that one goal, of buying and selling our homes and the process of moving, that a lot of other goals and dreams had to be put on the backburner.

It is difficult to slow down after a Chariot year. I am happily settled in my new home, but my energy is still spinning like those wheels. My birthday is in June, so perhaps I’ll have to wind down that Chariot and transition to my 2022 Year card slowly, rather than slamming on the brakes.

What is your 2021 Year Card? How did it manifest for you?

And even more fun…looking to 2022…

How does your Tarot Soul Card play with your 2022 Year Card?

And, how do those cards play with the Universal 2022 Year Card?

AND, how can you bring that all together to manifest your dreams in 2022?

Join me for my favorite workshop, and annual tradition, MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS IN 2022.



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