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Your Oracle from the Lovers: What 2022 has on offer for you

According to the Tarot, 2022 is a LOVERS year.

Here are my hopes for the year, I send this out with belief that it shall be:

  • A year of making choices that are aligned with love, compassion and with the intention of fostering unity
  • Acting with authenticity and independence
  • Valuing the relationships and love in our lives
  • Healing from the challenges of the past few years
  • Open and honest communication
  • Love and acceptance rather than fear and accusation
  • Greater harmony as a planet

Take a moment to look at the brilliant Waite-Smith version of the card. Let your eyes roam over the card, drink it in.

And then:

  • Look at the card, notice which symbol or figure or element or creature or feature jumps out at you the most. Don’t over think it.
  • Write that down
  • Note your reaction to it, or what your intuition tells you about it

The Lovers Tarot card

Now, find the symbol or item that most closely corresponds to yours on this list, and that is your ORACULAR message for 2022:

  • The Angel – If you act from the heart, all of your endeavors will be blessed in 2022.
  • The Sun – It is time to come out of the shadows and make joy a priority.
  • The feminine figure – Your intuition and emotions connect you with the Divine, let them guide you.
  • The masculine figure – Make good decisions based on facts, research and experience.
  • The Clouds – If you find yourself in a place of uncertainty or confusion, let your heart guide you. Do what feels right.
  • The Mountain – Honor all sides of yourself and bring them into unity.
  • The snake – You are wiser than you think.
  • Tree of Knowledge – Acknowledge your grief and loss, and let your heart begin to heal.
  • Apples – 2022 will be both sweet and tart, enjoy it all.
  • Tree of Life – Try not to worry about the small stuff, keep your focus on the grander scheme of things.

Wishing you a year of love, peace and authentic expression.

BTW, here is The Lovers from the Unifying Consciousness Tarot (this is the Tarot deck I am currently creating with Leo Scopacasa of Orbital Arts Gallery). You can see more images here.

The Lovers:

The snake whispers the truth with the voice of the Goddess. Rather than temptation to evil, she offers us the temptation of loving ourselves so deeply that the universe will respond by infinitely expanding and unfurling before us.

When we come back to ourselves, and understand that we are whole within ourselves, we gain access to something bigger than ourselves. When we can look into the mirror and see beyond the surface into the eternal patterns from which we are formed, we remember that we are made of the same stuff as stars and planets.

We are all beautifully unique, and yet we are all connected to the cosmos and to each other. When we learn to love and integrate all of the parts of ourselves, then we can also share our love with others, and receive it from others with an open heart.

Love is the force that drives us, feeds us, and constantly renews us. When decisions are made from a place of love, rather than fear, miracles happen and the universe rejoices.

Meaning in a reading: Recognize and value the power of love in your life, whether it is romantic love, deep friendship, connection with the divine, or the love you feel for your own dear self. Don’t be afraid to ask for love. Let the universe know you need it, crave it, and deserve it. The chance to be loved, and to have someone to lavish love on, is a basic and beautiful human need.
If you are in a relationship, enjoy that strong connection and allow it to deepen. If you are seeking love, the time is right to invite in the kind of love that will nourish and enrich you. But above all, love yourself first and well. This is not selfish; it heals and uplifts and adds to the positive energy of our world.

A Blessing from The Lovers: May you love well and be loved well.

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