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Tarot is for Introverts

I am an introvert.

That is not a confession, it is a proud declaration.

I’m not shy. Or a shrinking violet. Or timid or antisocial.

I happen to love my own company. I love having time to think, to daydream, to write, to read, to walk and listen to the sounds around me and to give my inner voice free rein.

The Hermit from the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

I love being around dear ones, kindred spirits and new friends, one on one or in small groups so that we can hear each other talk.

I love reading the cards one on one with clients I have a long time relationship with, as well as with new clients for the first time.

But, I can teach a Tarot class in front of a hundred people, even though I’m shaking in my boots until I take the stage.

I can stand up in front of a sea of faces to marry a happy couple or conduct a ritual, even though it is way outside of my comfort zone.

I can say what needs to be said, and fight to be heard when it really matters to me.

I know what feeds my soul and makes me feel cozy and secure, and I also know when I need to push myself and show what I can do.

Even so, life can be challenging for us introverts in this noisy world. Our society admires the extrovert, and loves the loud voice, the confident smile, and the secure feeling of being a part of the group. We are often told that there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed, that we are missing out on life because of our need for space, quiet and reflection.

If you’re an introvert, too, I know you hear me.

I’m here to tell you (in case you don’t already know) that being an introvert is a gift to be embraced, not a problem to be fixed, and the Tarot can be your best friend on this journey.

The cards show you who you really are.

They reveal the courage that you discount in yourself, the strength that you don’t see or you think is just something that everyone has.

They show you what you are capable of, even when you doubt yourself.

They remind you of what you need to thrive, and how to best manage your energy, without judgement.

The cards provide a place of sanctuary, healing and renewal for us. They are a sacred space, a sacred pause, where we can sort things out, be alone with our thoughts, and explore how we are feeling without having to explain it to anyone else.

As a Tarot reader, I am an extension of the cards, a creator of sacred space, there to guide you rather than talking over you or telling you what you should think.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s look at The Star card, through an introvert lens.

The Star

From the Smith Waite Tarot

The Star from the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

If we consider The Star in a reading in general:
The Star is a homecoming. It is a return to yourself. If you have been through a difficult time, and lost sight of who you really are at your core, the Star helps you to find your way back, and to remember the purpose that guides you. Be gentle with yourself, take time to heal and replenish, there is nothing urgent that needs your attention beyond this.

We wish upon a star, we admire it from a far, and we also look to the stars for guidance and direction. When The Star appears, divine guidance is available to you, watch for signs and synchronicities.

The Star lets you know that there is hope. You can dare to have faith that all will be well and that wishes do come true.

And if we layer an introvert perspective over the Star:
The Star doesn’t hide anything, she’s comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t demand attention or admiration or validation, she just is herself, and she is beautiful. She doesn’t need anything beyond what she already possesses within herself.

It can be difficult for introverts to reveal their most private selves to others. We’d rather cover ourselves up, or put on a mask that hides our thoughts and emotions. We are sensitive to criticism, and are often misunderstood, so it’s easier to keep our shields up.

If you never show your talents and gifts, how can the world benefit from all you are? And, how can you know what you are truly capable of if you keep your authentic self suppressed? You don’t have to open your heart bare for all to see, you can keep what you need for yourself, but let some light shine through.

The Star invites you to be at peace with who you really are, to see how beautiful and unique you are, and to quietly shine your light and talents out into the world. Be the star of your own life, on your own terms.

I am enough, more than enough, just as I am right now.

I see introverts everywhere in the Tarot.

Of course, the Tarot isn’t the exclusive domain of the introvert, the cards can help anyone who approaches them with an open heart and mind. But, they are a special gift to the sensitive introvert soul, and I am grateful that I have them to support, guide and inspire me.

And, I’d love to share with you what I have learned. (In a very introvert way, of course).


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