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When your Tarot Soul Card comes up in a Reading

I usually start my day with my journal and my Tarot cards. I have a deck that I use just for me.

Before I pull a card, I write. If something is worrying or bothering me, I pour it out so that I don’t have the pressure of carrying it all day. If something has inspired me or made me happy, I have the pleasure of experiencing it again by writing it down and reflecting on it. Through writing I let the universe know what I want to achieve that day, or how I want to feel, or what I am dreaming of, so that my intention takes on greater form and power.

And then, I write down the question that I have for the cards. Sometimes I ask a specific question, perhaps guidance around whatever I’ve got going on that day. Sometimes I just leave it wide open to the universe, asking the cards to show me what I need to see right now.

The other day I was feeling frustrated with myself. I was doubting myself. I was tired of myself and the unhelpful patterns I’ve been repeating. I know it isn’t productive to be unkind to yourself, and to allow your inner critic to run rampant through your mind, but that’s pretty much where I was at that day.

So, at that low moment, I asked the cards to show me something helpful today.

The card that appeared was The High Priestess.

That is my Tarot Soul card.

So, the cards showed me MYSELF.

The Tarot High Priestess

That card reminded me of who I really am, at my heart and soul and pure essence.

I immediately felt loved, and seen, and safe, and present.

And I fell in love even more with the Tarot.

When your Tarot Soul card comes up for you, in a daily draw or in a reading, pay attention to it. It is letting you know that you are enough, more than enough, just as you are. You are worthy of all the blessings that come your way, simply by existing as you.

Your Soul card is also an invitation to live as your authentic self. Get to know yourself, and understand yourself, and pay attention to what lights you up and brings you down. Use your skills, gifts and talents. Step fully into your power.

Pay attention to how and where your Soul card appears. If it comes up in a full Tarot spread, rather than a one card draw, make note of the position in which it lies. It could be offering advice, a dose of clarity, a reminder of your power, a wake up call, an invitation to be who you really are or to keep your secrets to yourself. Don’t overlook it or brush it away, take the time to honor its appearance and to consider the message that it has for you in that moment.

High Priestess – Unifying Consciousness Tarot

If you don’t know what I mean by Tarot Soul card, or Birth cards, here’s what I’m talking about.

(Also, run and get yourself a copy of “Who are You in the Tarot” by Mary K. Greer)

We start with your date of birth, and with some simple math we distill it into a Major Arcana Tarot card.

Some people have only one card. Some people have two. And there is one case where you could have three.

But to keep it simple, I’ll dive into the process.

Add your day, month and year of birth together as you see in the image below. That will give you a four digit number. Then, add those four digits together. If the number you get is 22 or less, pause there. If it is higher than 22, add the digits together again and pause there.

If you initially got a number between 1 and 9, that is your SOUL card.

If you initially got a number 22 or lower but double digits, that is your PERSONALITY CARD. And then, when you add those digits together you get a single number, and that is your SOUL CARD. So, you have two cards, Personality and Soul.

Personality card: your characteristics, your expression in the outer world, your talents and gifts, how people see you

Soul card: you at the deepest level, at the core, what you are here to do, how to be fulfilled, your soul’s purpose

Those numbers that represent your Soul and Personality correspond to a Major Arcana Tarot card. (See chart below).

Get to know your Soul card. If you find it challenging, if the card doesn’t immediately resonate with you, don’t worry about it. Step back and ask yourself what is going on there, and what it brings up for you. If you love your card at first sight, go deeper and get to know it beyond the facade.


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