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Mystical yet Practical Guidance

I create sacred space for you, a sanctuary away from the busy world, where you can be heard, where you can speak and explore your truth, your path. I am honest and clear with what I see in the cards,  and I will leave you feeling inspired and at peace. I want you to live the life of your DREAMS, and together we’ll find the way there.

Two hard-earned Masters Degrees, six summers looking for the ancients (and finding the Goddess) in Greece, four years convincing people to give their money to a museum, three and a half years in Japan teaching English and learning about other worlds, seventeen years (and counting!) of blissful marriage and life in Toronto with my amazing husband, two supportive parents and one inspirational sister, countless trips to exotic locales, immeasurable glasses of wine with beautiful friends on patios and by fireplaces…it has all led to this.

My name is Lori Lytle, and I am a Tarot reader. I am the founder of Inner Goddess Tarot.

I am a witch, a diviner, a mystic, an intuitive, a hugely introverted introvert, an empath, a big nerd and a devotee of cats.

I help people see signposts when they are at a crossroads. I help them to hear their own inner voices more clearly. I help them see options when they are in a period of transition. I help them transform into the shining beings they are meant to be. I do this with my trusted advisors, my Tarot cards. We do this together, as a team: my client, my cards and me.

I wish that I had an exotic back story, but as far as I know, no one in my family ancestry reads or read the cards. I spotted my first deck in a new age shop in Toronto when I was about 13, and I’ve been carrying them around ever since. And I continue to create my own exotic life story as I go.

I’ve read the cards for myself and friends for many years, but over the past seven years or so I’ve gotten really serious. I apprenticed with a professional Tarot reader here in Toronto, I studied Tarot with wonderful teachers in my hometown, on my own with the Tarot School’s course, at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. (Can you imagine – I had the chance to learn from  two Tarot Goddesses, Rachel Pollack and Mary K. Greer!) In 2015, I went to the Tarot School’s annual Readers Studio for the first time, and I’ve been back each year since!

And, I quit a soul sucking administrative job, got accepted into the Ontario Self-Employment Benefit program, learned how to be an entrepreneur, and launched Inner Goddess Tarot.

Now, I am loving life as a full time Tarot professional!

I am available for in-person readings at my central office location in Toronto, the Inner Arts Collective, and by Zoom everywhere.

I run the Toronto Tarot Circle Meetup – join us for our monthly meetings and on Facebook.

I have presented at international Tarot Conferences, including the Northwest Tarot Symposium in Portland, the Light and Love Tarot Festival in Montreal, and the World Divination Association’s first ever virtual/online conference.

In my other life, I am an ordained Minster with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and am available to conduct legal wedding ceremonies in Ontario. I would be honored to be a part of your special day, to help you create a ceremony that reflects your dreams, wishes, traditions and philosophy.

I am also a Level II Reiki practitioner.

Welcome to the world of Tarot – you are starting a journey that will lead you to a happy and confident life! I look forward to exploring the cards with you!


Proud Member of the American Tarot Association

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