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Create Your Life Story with Tarot

I am an introvert, a sensitive person, and an overall overthinker. I imagine some of you are as well, many Tarot people are introverts and empaths with rich inner lives. Sometimes my imagination runs away with me and I lose perspective. I often have vivid dreams. This can be wonderful and inspiring, or it can […]

Three Tarot Cards

Spark some memories with the Tarot

It is coming up to three years ago that we lost my Dad. It’s strange, it feels like a lifetime ago. And yet it still hurts, like a physical pain. And I still don’t fully believe it. My Dad was my anchor, my rock, someone who loved me no matter what. He encouraged all my […]

Cosmic meditation

Inspire Yourself with Tarot

I am seeing a shift in the reasons why people are booking Tarot readings with me. When the pandemic first hit, people were booking readings for very practical topics. Many were navigating the challenges and opportunities of “regular” life, looking for fulfilling work, considering purchasing a home, hoping to find a partner or improve a […]