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Control Tarot spread

Tarot and Trying to Control Everything

I have always been a worrier. It’s hardwired in me. I’ve learned to manage it, and of course reading Tarot helps with that, but recently my worrier genes have kicked into overdrive. (Thanks for that, pandemic.)   Worry is connected to control. I worry about the people I love, and I want to control the […]


Starting to Weave the Story in the Cards

The art and beauty of reading Tarot is being able to weave a meaningful story together from the individual cards. This is a lifetime learning process, and the best way to learn is to practice and keep reading those cards! Here are some tips on how to start seeing that bigger, holistic story in the […]


I’ve been thinking about the Justice card a lot lately. This card keeps appearing in my daily draws, in readings for my clients and for myself. Justice is looking right at me, at all of us, and I want to rise to her invitation, but I just don’t know what to say about what is […]


Accessing Gratitude in the Tarot

We’re in a strange time right now, wouldn’t you agree? Over the past three months, I have gone through a rich array of emotions. Anxiety. Fear. Confusion. Love. Longing. Grief, relief, disbelief. Joy. Grouchiness. Euphoria. Gratitude. And yes, these may all occur in one day. Through it all, I keep reminding myself to bring it […]


How do online or remote Tarot readings work?

I have been doing online Tarot readings for years, pretty much right from the time I went pro. I even worked for an online Psychic hotline kind of thing for about a year (I won’t go into details but I wouldn’t recommend it). Now, because of the pandemic, I am exclusively doing remote readings. I […]