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Spirit of Spring Talisman


This green tourmaline in quartz matrix talisman evokes the first shoots of green that emerge from the snow, the miracle of Spring and life after the cold winter.

Full description and details follow below…

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Spirit of Spring Talisman

The Spring Equinox brings a shift in energy, can you feel it already?

Something deep inside yourself is waking up. You’re ready for change and growth and LIFE. You’re ready to emerge, reveal and thrive.

To support you in this, throughout the month of March I’ll be working with 12 green tourmaline pendants, my Tarot cards, and the energy of the Equinox, creating 12 magical talismans.

This talisman evokes the first shoots of green that emerge from the snow, the miracle of Spring and life after the cold winter.

  • your spiritual energizer
  • brings new ideas, vitality and optimism
  • supports you in manifesting your goals for the season ahead

About your Gemstone:

  • Green Tourmaline: channels the healing power of nature. Supports growth, vitality and inner peace. Connected with the element of water. Nurtures the heart chakra.
  • Quartz: amplifies the energy of the green tourmaline and keeps energy clear and flowing.

Included in your magical package:

  • Genuine Green Tourmaline in a quartz matrix pendant set in 92.5 sterling silver.
  • Your pendant will be intuitively chosen by me (or, first come first served, let me know if there is one that is calling to you in the photo below).
  • MP3 meditation that will attune you with and activate your talisman.
  • One Card Email Tarot reading. You can leave this open to the universe or energy of the Equinox, or ask a specific question. This reading can be for YOU, or for the RECIPIENT if it is a GIFT.
  • Ritual conducted by me throughout the month of March.

When I make gemstone talismans I keep one for myself. I wear it for the time I’m creating the other talismans. And, after the other talismans have gone to their new homes, I periodically recharge my piece, and send that energy out to the other pieces. I will be doing this with your Spirit of Spring talisman.

Important notes:

Price is in CAD$ and INCLUDES shipping (within Canada and the US) and tax/HST.

I will contact you after receiving your order to ask if you have a question for your one card reading (but you can also email me at after purchasing).

I will choose your pendant for you intuitively, BUT if you want to choose your own, email me at after your purchase and tell me your first and second choice. First come, first served. 


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