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SPRING into ACTION Tarot Package

Hi, it’s me, Lori Lytle, Inner Goddess Tarot. I’m so glad you’re here.

🌸If you’re longing to get rid of what you don’t need, and invite in what you desire, stay with me.

🌸If you want to go into Spring feeling refreshed, energized and focussed, hell yes, I’m here for you.

🌸If you’re ready to create an action plan that will keep you joyfully on track to achieving your personal goal in the next three months and beyond, let’s make it so.


Something deep inside of you is waking up.

You are restless and ready for CHANGE and ACTION.

No more waiting.

No more putting yourself and your desires aside.

No more bundling up and hibernating and letting the demands of everyday life distract and deter you from pursuing your dreams.

You’re ready to do some spiritual Spring cleaning. Those energetic cobwebs have got to GO.

My SPRING into ACTION Tarot Package helps busy, overwhelmed, compassionate, sensitive and spiritual humans to clear away what isn’t working for them so that they can achieve a specific personal goal in the  next three months (and feel great about that) with ongoing support from the Tarot and me.


Spring stirs up all kinds of longings. Despite our best intentions the first two months of the year seem to disappear in the post-holiday season come down, and the cold and snowy weather, and before we know it it is Spring and we aren’t where we want to be emotionally or financially or physically or spiritually. As the earth starts to warm, and the plants start to stretch and grow, our spirits also start to wake up and remind us of the change that we want to bring into our lives.

🌸We want to feel powerful and capable and productive and proud.

🌸We want to use our time joyfully and well rather than worrying or beating ourselves up for what we haven’t yet achieved.

🌸We want to express our creativity and connect with the Divine.

Let me support you through this season of change.

So how does Tarot come into all this?

A Tarot reading is a powerful thing. It brings clarity, inspiration, and lays out action steps that can lead you to your goals and dreams.

After a Tarot reading, you feel excited and raring to go, but if you let that energy fade away in the demands of daily life and you lose momentum on your path, lasting change doesn’t happen.

This is where consistency comes in. Consistent effort and ongoing support brings amazing results.

I have designed the SPRING into ACTION package with this powerful magic in mind. Three readings, one per month, with support (and homework) in between, building off of each other and keeping you on track to reaching your goal.


What you will get:

An action plan that will keep you joyfully on track towards your specific goal for the next three months (and beyond)

🌸A live online one hour Tarot reading session with me in April to start clearing those energetic cobwebs so that you can see and know what it is that you really want to achieve in the next three months. Inspiration plus action steps, powerful!

🌸 Two additional Tarot reading sessions with me, one in May, and one in June, 60 minutes each, that build off of your initial session to bring that magical consistency and motivation (and accountability if that’s what you need) that will move you to manifest your goal.

🌸A recorded meditation created just for you, based on your cards and your reading, to inspire and support you until our next session. You will receive three of these, one after each session.

🌸Journal prompts and homework so that you can reflect, deeply know and take action (sent to you by email after each Tarot session).

🌸My mystical yet practical guidance. My full attention on you. My ear, my shoulder, my Tarot expertise. Cheerleading, nudging, supporting, truth telling, pushing, inspiring, and guiding you just as you need.


WHAT MY CLIENTS ARE SAYING: Thank you so much Lori. The sessions we shared together were nothing short of life changing. After a long period of stasis in my life, you and the Tarot have helped me to move on and to be open to and embrace what lies ahead. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about what the future holds! Thank you for sharing your great gifts and for holding space for me. – Sylvie

This package is for you if:

⭐️You’ve signed up for so many online recorded classes but you didn’t finish them or see results because you need a more personalized and 1:1 approach.

⭐️You don’t thrive in group settings and circles (are you an introvert, like me?) but you could use some support in reaching your goal.

⭐️You need time to think and reflect and then take action so monthly sessions would resonate with you.

⭐️You like having support and accountability in a compassionate but effective and non-judgemental way.

⭐️You love the Tarot and want to work with the cards in a powerful and personal way.

⭐️You’re ready to put in joyful and consistent effort on your own in between your Tarot sessions to achieve a significant and beautiful GOAL and you take responsibility for your own success.

⭐️You can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm.

⭐️You honour and respect boundaries.


What’s included:

  • A one hour online live Tarot session in April
  • Another one hour online live Tarot session in May
  • Another one hour online live Tarot session in June
  • You can schedule your readings at your convenience directly on my website scheduler
  • Three personalized recorded guided meditations emailed to you, one after each session
  • Journal prompts and homework emailed to you after each of your three sessions with support by email

Price: $388 (CAD including taxes)

Quantities are limited.


Why should you do this with me?

⭐️I’ve read Tarot professionally for 7 years or so (and much longer as a passionate hobby) so I know what I’m doing.

⭐️I have excellent communication skills and I am an experienced teacher.

⭐️I have repeat Tarot clients who value my work and what it brings to their lives (see testimonials for my services below).

⭐️I’m a mature woman who’s seen a few things and has learned a few things from personal experience.

⭐️I quit a soul sucking toxic office job to pursue my Tarot entrepreneurial dreams (and I’m still slinging those cards now).

⭐️I’m an introverted empath with intuition to spare.

⭐️BONUS: I love cats, Star Wars, and pretty much anything with vampires or witches.

What my clients have said about my services:

Terry: Lori is an intuitive, skillful and compassionate guide who unlocks and translates the amazing wisdom and guidance of the tarot. I’ve had several readings with Lori , most recently an MP3 reading and each time her insights and reflections on the cards have been fascinating and immensely helpful.. If you are contemplating a dive into the world of tarot I recommend Lori without any reservation whatsoever. Terry.
Leah: An amazing and inspiring Tarot reader! Lori brings a sense of ease and compassion to her readings. I’m always feeling refreshed after a reading with her!
Marilena: Lori is amazing and helpful. Her readings are insightful and she approaches situations with a compassionate lens. She is super professional and very dedicated to her work and to helping her clients.
Tanya: Lori is a phenomenal reader and I have been to many. She really is able to understand the richness of the cards and get very specific to the questions I needed guidance on. I would highly recommend and will be seeing her again.
Rebecca: Lori’s reading was beautifully focused and provided me with the information and validation that I need to move forward with plans I am currently developing. I look forward to working with her again. Grateful and blessed.
Candice: My reading was SO insightful, inspiring and a great message to carry into my next turn around the sun this year. Thank you Lori – you really create a beautiful and welcoming space and your kindness and open heart shine through your work.

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Quantities are limited.


Hello dear one.

I hear you. I feel you.

I spent too much time in my younger years trying to do what was expected of me, trying to fade into the background, trying to make sure that I didn’t cause anyone else stress or discomfort or inconvenience.

I wasted time because I thought I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t deserve to focus on myself and what I want, I just wasn’t capable or clever or talented enough.

The Tarot helped me to throw all that out the window and open my eyes to my own capabilities and possibilities. And power.

I still have insecure days. I still worry too much. But, I also have a much better idea of what I want and who I want to be, and I go after that with all of my energy and soul. I usually, knock wood, I achieve it.

I would love to support you on your journey towards feeling powerful, joyful and focused, and I have some formidable skills in that area.