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What students say about my classes…

Amazing, mystical, and timely. Thank you for the Rose Quartz magical workshop. You enriched my own spiritual practice, as I pause to read my affirmation nightly. Your timing was perfect, and I am grateful to have been part of the circle of women who gathered together Tuesday evening to raise and emanate Rose Quartz love and compassion energy from within and without, to the world. It was truly meaningful and I feel we also played our part in contributing to the healing that we all and the Earth needs. Workshops like this are crucial at this time, elevating the Divine Feminine energy to help birth the new world. And my cards were profound – I mean seriously. Loved it. – Amanda from Toronto

Thank you for your always warm, insightful guidance and the wisdom you share. I always look forward to your classes, whether in person or video. They are my sweet escape. Even my partner looks forward to your classes because I am always happy and at peace afterwards. – Elisabeth from Toronto

I found your structured yet flexible and open approach to the class very helpful. We had an agenda to cover and handouts to follow but we also had a chance to discuss and spend time having conversations about the cards, which ultimately helped us become more familiar with them. The homework assignments encouraged us to be with the cards in a daily way throughout the week. More importantly, your warm energy made the whole experience very inviting and encouraging. You are a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much from you! Thank you so much! – Shadi from Toronto

A little peek at what I do…from my YouTube channel…


Summer Solstice Tarot Magic

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 7:00pm

ONLINE workshop

Flowers are blooming, the air is gentle, the earth is warm, the energy of the Sun is rising. Can you feel it?

Your wishes and desires are whispering at you. They are coming out of the shadows and into the light, they want you to see them, and hear them, and bring them to life.

On the occasion of the Summer Solstice, connect with your passions and allow yourself to SHINE like the SUN.

In this workshop you will explore the energy of the Solstice and get to the heart of what you are really passionate about. And then, you’ll set intentions and goals that will feed your soul, and that you will reach.

What we will do in our time together:

☀️Explore the stories and traditions around the Summer Solstice

☀️Work with a Summer Solstice Tarot spread that will show you what you need to flourish and live more joyfully

☀️Experience a guided meditation that will take you deeper into your Tarot cards and create a Solar talisman that will be a container for all of that Solar energy

☀️Bask in the energy of the sun, growth, life and joy

All you need is a Tarot deck, any will do.

A handout will be sent to you before we meet with journal prompts and a list of the materials you will need (don’t worry, it’s easy and fun and you’ll love gathering them in)

A basic knowledge of the cards and how to read them is recommended.

This class will be recorded and sent out to all participants so no worries if you can’t attend the live.

Cost: $33 CAD

What students say about my classes…

I LOVED every minute! Your energy and enthusiasm for all things Tarot is palpable and contagious. Your insights into the world and the cards of Tarot let me know that I was working with a true Master!!!
I hope to be able to have many more days and nights of being in your wonderfully glowing aura as both a teacher and a new friend with SPIRIT! – Kevin from Toronto

I had been wanting to learn the Tarot for many years and in November I found Lori and started taking her classes. Lori is a great instructor: her classes are fun and she makes learning the Tarot easy and practical. I love her handouts and the exercises that we do in class. The Tarot class nights are MY time to chill and be with like-minded people. Go for it, you’ll have fun! – M. from Toronto