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Unifying Consciousness Tarot


The Unifying Consciousness Tarot is a co-creation between a spiritual artist and a practical mystic. Leo Scopacasa is the founder of Orbital Arts Gallery, and I’m Lori Lytle, also known as Inner Goddess Tarot.

The Unifying Consciousness Tarot was designed to help you access universal consciousness and the Source of infinite wisdom, compassion and love that we all share. It will not only open your All-Seeing eye, and unlock your heart- but your soul memory, that part of your Eternal Self that that remembers everything, and is capable of recognizing the Way forward.

You’re about to meet a cosmic crew of otherworldly and divine beings, animals, humans, and freeform entities, all living in a universe based on the Waite-Smith Tarot structure. All of the cards are fully illustrated, and the deck is suitable for Tarot beginners, as well as seasoned readers. There are 79 cards in total, including Minor Arcana that are familiar and also surprising, and intriguing versions of the traditional Major Arcana. And,  we can’t wait for you to meet our own new Arcana 22, called Activation.


About the Unifying Consciousness Tarot:

· There are 79 cards in total. 56 Minor Arcana and Court Cards, the traditional Major Arcana from 0 to 21, and we can’t wait for you to meet our own Arcana 22, Activation.

· The cards follow the familiar Waite-Smith structure, while incorporating surprising and intriguing new forms.

· All of the cards are fully illustrated, and the deck is suitable for Tarot beginners, as well as seasoned readers.

· To create his artwork Leo uses a combination of mixed media including paint, collage, photography, digital manipulation, and three dimensional assemblage.

· All of the cards have sacred geometry woven through their images and backgrounds to remind us that we’re all part of the same Source energy and to act as focal points for meditation.

· The Major Arcana include a Blessing, which acts as an affirmation and support for the seeker.

· The Minor Arcana include an Activation, which acts as prompt to beneficial action and inspires growth.

· The four suits of the Minor Arcana are linked with the four elements: Wands/Fire; Cups/Water; Pentacles/Earth; and Swords/Air.

· All of the Minor Arcana cards are fully illustrated.

· We’ve renamed the Court Cards in an effort to equalize gender and hierarchy and express more of the core vibration of each of these familiar roles. Pages have become Soul; Knights are Spirit; Queens are Heart; and Kings are Mind.

· The card backs have no orientation, so they don’t reveal if the card is upright or reversed.



DECKS ARE READY TO BE SHIPPED NOW. The first edition is almost sold out.

Leo and I are so thrilled to have successfully funded the creation of our deck through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The decks are now all printed and ready to be shipped immediately upon your purchase. To read all the details, check out our Kickstarter campaign page here.


May you be guided by the Unifying Consciousness of Love.