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Stress and the Impact on Your Intuition

The more stressed out I get, the less my intuition flows.

Seven of Cups Tarot cardEight of Swords Tarot card

My thinking brain stages a hostile takeover, I start to second guess every decision, and matters of very little importance become monumental and overwhelming.

When I am stressed, I doubt my confidence and the sound of my own inner voice. I try to control all the small variables in the world around me. I am anxious that I’ll choose wrongly, even when the situation is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

This makes life less than fun. The other day I caused myself great distress trying to choose from a brunch menu that had more than one vegetarian option. The next day, I exhausted myself trying to choose between two transportation options that would both get me to my destination in roughly the same amount of time.

When I get to this point, I know it is time to put myself on pause, slow down, and reconnect with my source of inner guidance (and my sense of humour).

When I read Tarot for clients, I am able to snap into that intuitive place with ease. It feels comfortable, natural, and joyful. I have rituals that I employ to help me do this.

So, when I get into a state, I remind myself of these practices and prescribe them to myself.

Here are five simple ways that I reconnect to my intuition in times of stress and demand:

  1. Sleep more, and sleep well. Intuition is much easier to hear when you’re mentally and physically rested. I’m a light sleeper, and I find that a sleep mask works wonders, and black out curtains are a miracle.
  2. Meditate. Breathe. Start each day with a brief meditation, to ground and centre and put some loving kindness out into the world. Pray. Ask your guardians and guides to come to your assistance.
  3. Exercise. Moving your body is a great way to blow off steam and to clear your head. Walk, run, dance, do some yoga, whatever you enjoy most.
  4. Laugh. Read or watch something silly. Spend time with friends who help you remember you have a sense of humour and that life is supposed to be fun. Get out of your own head.
  5. Do a Tarot reading for yourself (or get your cards read by someone else). Ask the cards for information about how to navigate whatever is causing you stress. Use the cards to create an action plan so that your brain doesn’t have to be constantly scanning for information and clues. Ask the cards for guidance on what is going on and what your intuition wants to tell you.

Often when we need our intuition and our inner guidance system the most, stress temporarily shuts us out from it. Learn to recognize when this is occurring. Pull yourself back to yourself, breathe, slow down. Know that you are connected to the source of all things, remind yourself that you are a part of the divine.

Intuition is a gift that we all share. When you feel disconnected, take a breath, pull a Tarot card, get out of your own way and let things flow.

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