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Wedding Officiant


Lori Lytle – Legal Wedding Officiant in Toronto

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Rev. Lori Lytle helps people create bliss, connection, and empowerment through her inclusive and compassionate approach to ceremony and celebration. She considers it an honour and a joy to be a part of your special day, to be able to share in such love and affirmation, this is a gift and a great responsibility.

Her personalized services, which include multi-faith, multi-cultural, secular and same sex weddings and elopements/paper signings in the Toronto area, honour and respect the traditions and wishes of the clients she serves. It is her job to support you, to listen to you, and to guide you through your big moment with ease and flow.

Rev. Lori has a background in event planning, so she understands the elements of creating a beautiful, seamless experience for you and your guests. Her educational and professional background has also focused on the traditions and beliefs of many different cultures and paths, and she is happy and able to assist you in creating a ceremony that reflects your own personal style and vision.


Lori’s Services Include:

  • Elopements/Paper signing (at my location or yours, if necessary witnesses can be provided. Great option for before a destination wedding, or if you wish a friend to conduct a symbolic ceremony afterwards.)

  • Small weddings (backyard, home, small venue, select guests)

  • Full Wedding Package (including walk-through, tailor-made ceremony, consultations by email and phone)

  • Specialty and inclusive ceremonies

  • Supportive, reliable, conscientious, sincere and warm service provided in all cases! (I may get a little teary during the ceremony, but I am always a professional!)


Contact Lori to start the conversation about creating your special day…the way you envision it, with peace and ease, a day that truly expresses the beautiful love that you have for each other.

Reverend Lori Lytle is a duly ordained Minister of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and has been registered by the Ontario Department of Vital Statistics to perform weddings, memorials, baptisms, etc.


“All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.”
― Starhawk

The purpose of my Ministry is to foster LOVE, to help love to grow and blossom in all its forms, to bring as much love and light into the world as it is possible for me to do.

I am entering into this vocation with the mission of providing a way for everyone who wishes it to create connections, to declare their love to the Universe, without judgement or restraint. My Ministry will provide a diverse and beautiful range of ceremony options, across cultures and time. I will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability.

It is my solemn duty to help people identify what it is they truly want on their special day, to honour how they wish to embody and present this commitment to themselves and to those they love, and to be the catalyst that makes it real.

As a Minister, I will continue to enrich and deepen my own spiritual practice, so that I can be constantly growing as a person, raising my own energy level, so that I can be an unwavering source of peace, calm and compassion to those who come to me for ceremony, guidance and support.

All this being said, I start my Ministry with joy and look forward to serving my clients with all my energy and best wishes.