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Wedding Officiant

Lori Lytle – Legal Wedding Officiant in the Niagara area and Toronto

(Beamsville, Vineland, Niagara on the Lake, Jordan, St. Catharines etc and Toronto)

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I’m Reverend Lori Lytle. I am a Metaphysical Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (C.I.M.M.). Metaphysics recognizes and respects all religions and spiritual paths. It is my honor and delight to marry couples of any gender, faith, culture, or sexual orientation.

I specialize in small, heartfelt weddings. I love performing ceremonies in backyards, parks, restaurants, by the lake, anywhere that has meaning for you. I like to keep things sweet and simple, so that your ceremony experience is relaxed and happy rather than stressful or overwhelming.

I am not a performer. I am a compassionate and caring person, a grounding and genuine presence that will support you on your big day.

My approach to ceremony is inclusive, personalized and empowering. I want to help you create a wedding day that you will remember with joy and love. I consider it an honour and a joy to be a part of your special day, to be able to share in such love and affirmation, this is a gift and a great responsibility.

My personalized services, which include multi-faith, multi-cultural, spiritual and same sex weddings and elopements/paper signings in the Toronto and Niagara areas, honour and respect the traditions and wishes of the clients I serve. It is my job to support you, to listen to you, and to guide you through your big moment with ease and flow.

I have a background in event planning, so I understand the elements of creating a beautiful, seamless experience for you and your guests. My educational and professional background has also focused on the traditions and beliefs of many different cultures and paths, and I am happy and able to assist you in creating a ceremony that reflects your own personal style and vision.

See glowing client testimonials on my FB page here, and Wedding Wire here.

Lori’s Services Include:

  • Elopements/Paper signing (Great option for before a destination wedding, or if you wish a friend to conduct a symbolic ceremony afterwards.)

  • Small weddings (backyard, home, small venue, select guests)

  • Full Wedding Package (including walk-through, tailor-made ceremony, consultations by email and phone)

  • Specialty and inclusive ceremonies

  • Supportive, reliable, conscientious, sincere and warm service provided in all cases! (I may get a little teary during the ceremony, but I am always a professional!)

Contact Lori to start the conversation about creating your special day…the way you envision it, with peace and ease, a day that truly expresses the beautiful love that you have for each other.

Reverend Lori Lytle is a duly ordained Minister of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry and has been registered by the Ontario Department of Vital Statistics to perform weddings, memorials, baptisms, etc.


“All began in love, all seeks to return in love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.”
― Starhawk