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Special Events

Tarot Fridays at Wonderworks

Tarot_Friday_1Looking for a source of guidance and inspiration? Come and see Lori at Wonderworks, and have your cards read in this serene and private sanctuary. A reading with Lori will give you clarity, inspiration and concrete next steps forward. Lori gives you the space you need to express yourself, to clear your mind, and with her cards she guides you towards discovering the information that will be truly helpful and impactful in your life.

Lori is at Wonderworks two Fridays per month. Only at Wonderworks do you have the option of 30 or 60 minute reads (Lori only does 60 mins and up in her private practice).

Upcoming Dates:

August Fridays are limited, contact Lori for availability

Pre-booking required, appointments available between 2:00pm to 7:00pm.

Cost: $55/30 mins, $100/60 mins (all prices incl. HST)

To book, contact Lori at or click here.

Fee can be paid via etransfer to in advance to confirm your booking. If you prefer credit card, please specify in your email.

Meet Up: Toronto Tarot Circle


The Toronto Tarot Circle welcomes all who are interested in the mystery, wisdom and beauty of the Tarot, from complete beginners to life-long practitioners. This is a friendly space where you can explore the cards with people who share your interest. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US!

We meet once a month at the serene and centrally located Wonderworks to explore various topics related to the Tarot such as symbolism, intuition, personal practice, reading for others and much more. Each month the group focuses on a new topic and fosters a mutual learning space to share experiences, ideas and insight into how the Tarot can enrich our journey through life.

The Toronto Tarot Circle also has access to a variety of more formal Tarot intensives and workshops, as well as casual fun events such as reading exchanges, deck show-and-tells and swaps.

At the monthly meetings, Lori Lytle provides an activity or theme to start with, and then allows the group to freely explore the cards in the direction and manner that they wish. This is a great place to get to know the Tarot, expand your knowledge, and gain confidence in your practice.

Please also join our interactive group on Facebook here.

By the way, all attendees receive a 10% discount on any shopping at Wonderworks when they come for the Tarot Circle! A great chance to add to your Tarot deck collection!

The group is lovingly facilitated by me! Lori Lytle, founder of Inner Goddess Tarot.

The Witch Is IN: Lammas & Cornucopia

Ready for a Witchy gathering in the height of summer? Join us on Saturday, July 28th as we celebrate the beginning of the Harvest Festivals. Lammas is the pagan festival known within the Celtic tradition, and La Festa di Cornucopia is observed in Italian witchcraft. Both traditions honour the sacred union between the God and Goddess; celebrating and giving gratitude for the incredible abundance and fertility of the earth.

Join us for this fun, crafty and most of all witchy day at Wonderworks!

Co-led by Wonderworks owner, Rochelle Holt & Tarot expert Lori Lytle – our day will include:

  • Group Tarot Reading!  With harvesting what we’ve sown as our themes for the day of celebration, harvest and also sacrifice, Lori will help us connect to our own divine intentions with the archetypal powers of the Tarot!
  • Witch Crafting: Rochelle will guide you through creating a burnable magic charm. The purpose is to deepen our understanding of our own role in achieving our desires, as we focus on what it is that we really want and need. We will be lighting the cauldron to offer sacrifice and manifest our desires.
  • Circle Casting and Ritual!  In our purified and prepared space, the ritual will include the transformational power of the fiery cauldron, and together we will weave a powerful intention for an abundant and healthy harvest as we offer gratitude for all the wonderful gifts we receive from the Goddess.

The final part of our magical day is an exciting grilled feast and libations in honour of Cornucopia, Lammas, and our beautiful magical community.

Open to everyone, no prior experience needed. A great opportunity to learn, create magic and share sacred space with like-minded folk.
Price: $70 +hst (includes all materials, food, and libations)