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A Tarot Spread for Strength

2024 is a universal Strength year, according to the Tarot.

(Card from the Unifying Consciousness Tarot)

A universal year card gives you an idea of the atmosphere of the year ahead, the forces that we’re all immersed in, breathing in, and navigating. Knowing the character of the Year Card gives you valuable insight into how to make the most of opportunities, manage challenges, and thrive over the next 12 months.

2+0+2+4=8, and that number corresponds with the Strength card (in the Waite-Smith system at least).

So, what does it mean, that we’re in a Strength year?

Strength is having the capacity to meet all challenges that come your way with compassion, trust in yourself, and grace. It means that you have inner strength, and that you’re going to need it.

That makes a lot of sense for 2024, doesn’t it? We’ve all been through a few strange, unsettling, and thought-provoking years, and the atmosphere of our planet is increasing in tension and intensity. In 2024 you’re going to need to be as fierce as a lion, or as sweet as a rose, depending on the challenge that you’re currently facing. Situations will test your patience, fear will cause you to lash out and roar, and ultimately there will be opportunities to emerge transformed like a butterfly. Being human requires that you trust that your strength will never run out because it will always renew itself through your connection to divine source.

I hope for this in our Universal Strength Year:

  • The Chariot of 2023 set us on the path, and now we need (and have) Strength for the journey ahead
  • Calm, measured actions that are guided by compassion and patience
  • Composed reaction to challenges
  • Firm but gentle
  • Stamina/persistence rather than urgency
  • Controlling aggressive situations without rising to that aggression
  • An appreciation of nature and a greater connection with our planet

Here’s a Tarot spread I created to help you to get to know your own Strength, give it a try and let me know how it runs for you.

  1. What kind of strength have I shown in the past? – Try to see yourself in this card. What situation or memory comes to mind? Be specific if you can. How does this all make you feel?
  2. What is a strength I know I can always rely on? – See yourself in the card. Do you appreciate this strength or dismiss it? Is this something that you pride yourself on, or does it feel mundane or average to you?
  3. What is a strength that I am not aware of? – See yourself in the card. Sit with it. Make sense of it. Go deep.
  4. What challenge lies ahead? – Known? Unexpected? Any details or clues? How do you feel about it?
  5. What kind of strength will help me to manage it? – Refers back to challenge in card #4. And do you see any similarity to the first three cards? Or totally different? How do you feel about it?

Wishing you trust in yourself and your own inner strength, in 2024 and beyond.


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