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Archive | January, 2014


The Elora Tarot Deck Opening Reception at the Gladstone

On Saturday night I went to the opening reception for the “Pieces from the Elora Tarot Deck” exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, and luxuriated in an atmosphere of warmth and community, surrounded by artists and lovers of Tarot. The gallery was happily noisy and full, with over-heated guests admiring the artwork while dancing […]

The Hermit

Icy Reflections on the New Year

Today my hometown is colder than the South Pole. This morning I discovered ice on the bedroom wall, INSIDE of the house. There is an extreme cold alert, with the wind chill currently at -35 degrees Celsius. Last night some people were awoken by “frost quakes”, loud booms that shook their homes, the result of […]