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Talisman and Tarot Reading

Your Own Personal Magical Talisman & Tarot Reading

A Tarot reading can be a profound and moving experience, one that inspires and sparks change. However, a reading can also be ephemeral, the insights gained can fade away if we don’t take action or find a way to develop and sustain the discoveries that were made.

We can add magic and power to our readings by combining them with a tangible object that embodies our hopes, goals and intentions.

In this special and personalized offering, we will work with this powerful combination, the Tarot, and a gemstone talisman.

Create your own personal, magical talisman…

How does it work?

First, I will email you some questions concerning the nature of your goal, what you hope to achieve, what your timing is, and some other preliminary matters.

Then, I will select the perfect crystal gemstone and sterling silver pendant to use as your talisman.

(See images for some examples…but your stone will be chosen based on our consultation. All stones are high quality and set in sterling silver.)

I will ritually clear and charge the talisman, in preparation for our magical work.

If you are in Toronto, we will then meet in person. If you are outside of Toronto, I will mail your pendant to you, and we will meet online via Skype or Zoom after you have received it.

Next, your one hour Tarot reading. We will use the cards and a personalized Tarot spread to get some laser sharp focus when it comes to an intention you want to set, the dream you want to achieve, the goal you want to reach. We’ll look at what might be blocking you in this area, and what is ready to support you.

The cards will then help us to create an affirmation, intention, power phrase or mantra that we will lock into your gorgeous genuine sterling silver and gemstone pendant.

I will also create a practice that you can continue to use long after the reading.

Are you ready to manifest some magic in your life?

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