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Magical Talisman & Tarot Reading


Create your own personal, magical talisman…

Combine the power of Tarot, intention, ritual and a gemstone talisman to help you to manifest your hopes, goals and dreams.

Full description and details follow below…


Your Own Personal Magical Talisman & Tarot Reading

What my client said…

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of your time and energy. The reading was absolutely beautiful and every single thing you said felt really spot on! I can honestly say that this felt like the most accurate reading I’ve ever had. After your fabulous reading, I’m even more excited to start working with my talisman.” – Natasha 

A Tarot reading can be a profound and moving experience, one that inspires and sparks change. However, a reading can also be ephemeral, the insights gained can fade away if we don’t take action or find a way to develop and sustain the discoveries that were made.

We can add magic and power to our readings by combining them with a tangible object that embodies our hopes, goals and intentions.

In this unique and personalized offering, we will work with this powerful combination, the Tarot, and a gemstone talisman.

The talisman we will create together is a magical tool that will support you in achieving a particular desire, goal or dream. It will amply your intention, your power, your manifesting magic.

Create your own personal, magical talisman…

How does it work?

First, I will email you some questions concerning the nature of your goal, what you hope to achieve, what your timing is, and some other preliminary matters. We can also do this live online by video conferencing.

Then, I will select the perfect crystal gemstone and sterling silver pendant to use as your talisman. I also have the option of some sterling silver pendants with Goddess, lunar and magical themes.

(See images for some examples…but your stone will be chosen based on our consultation. All stones are high quality and set in sterling silver.)

I will ritually clear and charge the talisman, in preparation for our magical work.

Based on our previous email or online video consultation, I will create a personalized Tarot spread for you. I will interpret the message of the cards, and share that message with you as a pdf with images of the cards drawn.

I will channel a power sentence, affirmation or blessing for you, and lock the intention that you wish to manifest into your talisman with a specially crafted magical ritual. Then you will be able to carry the energy with you always, and have the support you need to go after your dreams full speed ahead!

I will also explain how you can work with your talisman going forward, including a personalized meditation sent to you as an mp3 audio file.

Are you ready to manifest some magic in your life?

Purchase your package here, and then you will receive an email from me. Or, feel free to contact me at after you make your purchase to get things started.

If there is a specific talisman that you desire, perhaps a special I have featured on my Instagram account, please email me before purchasing so I can hold it for you.

NOTE: At check out, please add shipping cost to your purchase if you are NOT picking up or arranging delivery in Toronto.

Tap into your own magic and power, with the support of the cards, a gemstone, and me as your guide.

Prices in CAD$

SPECIAL OFFER: I will be creating clear quartz talismans on Sept 17, 2020 on the occasion of the New Moon…only two available at this time. Contact me at for details.


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