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Why Would I Want a Tarot Reading? 5 Things I’d Like You to Know

Tarot is my world!

Tarot is my world!


Tarot is my passion! I usually start my day by asking the cards what I most need to be aware of today, and they are my constant and trusted companion until I close my eyes at night. Because I am so immersed in Tarot, I tend to think that EVERYONE is familiar with the cards and what they’re all about. Of course, generally this is actually not the case at all. So, I thought I’d tell you 5 things I’d like you to know about Tarot and give you an idea of what a Tarot reading can do for you.

1. What is Tarot?

Starting at the very beginning, a Tarot deck is made up of 78 cards. There are three kinds or groups of cards, the 22 Major Arcana, the 40 Minor Arcana, and the 16 Court Cards. The Major Arcana cards depict familiar archetypal images, and represent our journey through life. They deal with big life questions, spiritual growth, areas of our lives where forces greater than ourselves may be involved. The Minor Arcana depict more everyday situations, and can show us what’s going on in our lives and what energies are surrounding and affecting us. The Court Cards represent people and personalities, both of others and within ourselves, and sometimes events in our lives.

2. Why Would I Want a Tarot Reading?

As a Tarot reader, I don’t believe that our fates are set in stone. Of course, there are some aspects of our lives that we simply can’t change, but we can direct our course by the decisions that we make and the actions that we take. The Tarot is a powerful tool in this respect. The cards can show you what your future may be like as a result of your decisions, your current actions and attitudes, and how you react to the energies around you, not because we are bound by fate. If you want to refine or change the direction you are going, the Tarot can help you to identify the areas of your life that you need to focus on. Tarot readings empower you, and can be an enjoyable and inspiring experience.

3. What happens during a Tarot reading?

Inner Goddess Tarot

Inner Goddess Tarot

The reading starts with the seeker’s question. I find that Yes/No questions are the least illuminating, it’s better to ask something like, “What will happen if I…”, or “What do I need to know about…”. The question should be phrased so that the answer gives you guidance, options, and clarity. If you aren’t sure what you want to ask or how to ask it, the Tarot reader can help you form just the right question. Then, the reader shuffles the cards, concentrating on the energy of the seeker, and lays them out in a pattern or spread. The reader then interprets the story that the cards are telling.

4. How Can I Get the Most out of my Tarot reading?

Try to have an idea of what you would like to ask the cards before you arrive for your reading. It can be very meaningful to simply ask the cards what you most need to know right now in general, but if you can come up with a more specific question, you will get a more specific answer. Also, don’t be afraid to engage with the cards and the reader during your Tarot reading. If a particular card or aspect of a card catches your eye, mention it. If you would like further clarification from the reader, ask. A collaborative approach to a reading leads to a much deeper experience.

5. How Can I Book a Tarot Reading with Inner Goddess Tarot?

For my Toronto friends, you can come and see me at the lovely and serene Inner Arts Collective in the Greektown area.

Here is my schedule, choose the time that’s best for you and book it.

UPDATE: June 2020 – I am currently seeing clients online only. Book online and we’ll meet virtually via Zoom. I also have email and mp3 recorded reading available.


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