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Take with a Grain of Salt: 3 Tips from a New Tarot Entrepreneur (plus 1 bonus)

2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur? Hermit? Both?

The Hermit

9 – The Hermit

The Fool

The Fool

This past year has been exciting, anxiety-inspiring, busy, quiet, rewarding, nerve-wracking…this was my year of launching into the world of the entrepreneur. I have taken flying leaps outside of my comfort zone, gained confidence and skill, doubted myself, learned to trust myself again, and now as we are poised to enter 2015, I am taking a moment to stop, reflect, and think about what I want to take with me into the New Year.

Please take this with a grain of salt, as I am still in the first year of my Tarot business, but here are my three tips for new entrepreneurs (plus a bonus). These are not particularly practical or business-like, but they are things that give me a boost when I’m feeling overwhelmed or loopy.

1. Ask for help when you need it.

Don’t waste time thinking that you have to be an expert at everything. If there is something that lies outside of your area of expertise, get some help. Just because you started your own business, it doesn’t mean that you are suddenly a web designer, bookkeeper, marketing guru…concentrate on what’s important and what you can do, and bring in someone to help with the rest. It is not a defeat, it’s a smart move. Spend your time wisely and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the scope of what you want to achieve.

2. It sounds obvious, but make sure you get dressed and out of the house EVERY DAY.

When you’re spending a lot of time alone at home in front of the computer, it’s amazing how fast you can turn into a hermit (Actually, my Tarot year card for 2014 is the Hermit! That was spot on!). I have to admit there have been plenty of lost days spent writing in my pajamas, but I had to nip that in the bud. Believe me, it doesn’t take long before you start to get weird… Go for a walk, go to the gym, find some good networking events that give you the chance to meet other entrepreneurs and get comfortable talking about your business (see my previous post here). Otherwise, the temptation to stop going out into the world, to stop calling people, to stop meeting people for coffee becomes very strong and you can find yourself swallowed up by the lure of email, social media and your own head.

3. Be honest and open with your partner, family and friends.

Before I officially started my business, my husband and I talked about the impact that this decision would have on our lifestyle, our finances…I was able to move forward feeling that all the cards were on the table (no pun intended), I had full support, and that we could both talk openly and honestly with each other about our concerns throughout the process. This is crucial for me. (Not to get too mushy, but thank you, darling! You are my rock!). Also, I am so grateful that my family and friends understand that my schedule has changed drastically now, and I just don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend with them. When I am able to see them, I try to be fully present and not worry about everything else I think I should be doing. Your friends and family can be a great support for you, and you for them. Don’t hide all of your ups and downs from those you love.

BONUS TIP : Get a cat. Just trust me on that one, it does wonders.

My cat Willow, helping me with a Tarot reading

My cat Willow, helping me with a Tarot reading

I’d love to hear from other new entrepreneurs in the comments below. What keeps you going? Where do you find motivation and support? Good luck!

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