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Death and Justice: What’s YOUR Tarot Year Card for 2018?

Universally speaking, the Tarot card that represents 2018 is Justice. (2+0+1+8= 11).

What kind of a year do you think this might be? What comes to mind when you hear that word?

Justice Tarot Card

I feel an aura of fairness, responsibility, considered thinking, karma, equality, wisdom, weighty power, integrity, conviction, force of will…

The Tarot figure of Justice is not blind, she is looking right at you, inviting you to see the reality of a situation, to be truly honest with yourself, to OWN who you really are.

This is a welcome card, and a necessary energy, and I feel inspired when I look at her.

What might this card bring into the world in 2018? Perhaps we will come into more balance on the world stage. The extremes that we have been experiencing with shock and disbelief may begin to right themselves.

When I think of Justice, the phrase, “you get what you deserve” comes to mind. Isn’t that chilling? It can be scary, it can be wonderful, depending on who you are and what you have been putting out into the world.

Considering the direction that politics and world events have gone over the course of 2017, Justice gives me hope.

Now…What is YOUR personal Tarot Year Card? And what does that mean?

Calculate your Year Tarot Card (a la Mary K. Greer)

I use (my hero) Mary K. Greer’s method to calculate my Year Card (which can be found in her books, Tarot for Yourself and Who Are You in the Tarot). You add the month and day of your birth to the current year, and the resulting number corresponds with a Major Arcana card. Always keep the highest number under 23 (in this case The Fool corresponds with 22.).

For example, my birthday, June 5, plus the new year, 2018:
+ 2018
2+0+2+9 = 13 (DEATH)

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So why calculate your Year Card? In my experience, your Year Card can give you some quite profound insight into the energies that will be surrounding you for the coming 12 months, which can help you to get the most out of the of the lessons and experiences that are waiting for you. After the chaos of the holidays, take a quiet moment to calculate your Year Card, and ask yourself what guidance it is giving you, what you need to learn, and how you can grow in 2018.

I prefer to calculate my Year Card starting from January 1, rather than on my birthday. I like the universal ceremony of the start of a new year, and the idea of a whole calendar year ahead. The annual changing nature of your Year Card really differentiates it from your unchanging astrological, Chinese zodiac and Mayan zodiac signs, which makes it an interesting combination of internal and external forces at play in your life for this fixed period of time.

So, I am heading into a Death year. What might that mean?

Of course my first reaction to that card is OH GREAT.

Yes, Death does bring great transformation, gets rid of what you don’t need or isn’t serving you well, provides intense clarity and personal growth…but let’s not sugar coat it. The process is hard. It takes you down to bare bones. It breaks you down so that you can rise again,  brighter and stronger. It takes you to the shadows, to the innermost parts of your heart and soul, it plunges you into darkness so that you can truly see the light.

I lost one of the people who I love most in the world in 2017. So I see that Death card, and I think, why are you showing up now?

I believe that one of the biggest challenges and lessons in the year ahead will be how I can come to terms with that loss, how I can integrate it into myself and learn how to live in this new world.

So combined with Justice, it looks like its going to be a heavy year for me, but one that will ultimately leave me feeling lighter, and clearer about who I am and what I want to be and do. Time to get REAL, to take myself seriously, to use my power in the world. Both Justice and Death are challenging me to be who I really am, to know that I have a responsibility to myself and the universe to do that.

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What’s your 2018 Year Card? How does it resonate with that Justice card?

Stay tuned for a Tarot spread that you can use to explore the lessons and opportunities your Year Card will bring…

Want to explore your Year Card, and how to make the most of 2018? Book a reading with me today, and hit the ground running in the New Year!

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