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March comes in like a LION, will it go out like a Lamb? The Tarot will tell.

Happy March everyone!
This is a spread I made for the month of March that we tried out in my (virtual) Tarot Circle last week. The results were surprising and quite nurturing and informative. Have a look…
Here’s how to approach it:
  • When you draw the LION card, think of everything you associate with lion energy. Lions are regal, fierce, powerful, courageous, wild, what else?
  • When you draw the lamb card, think of everything you associated with lamb energy. New life, birth, spring, high energy, playful, vulnerable, innocent…what else?
  • AND – relate those cards to what is going on in your life right now, or in the wider world, or BOTH. Use the information they give you to thrive in the month ahead.
Give it try, and post your cards and interpretations in the comments.
Let me know if you have any questions about your cards, and wishing you a beautiful month ahead!

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