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Tarot Tip: Find both the Mystical & Practical advice in your Card-of-the-Day

One of the GO-TO techniques when you read Tarot for yourself is the Card-of-The-Day pull.

Do you do this?

The gist is that you pull a card from your deck in the morning in order to gain some insight into the day ahead. You can ask a specific question, especially if you have something significant going on that day, or you can just leave it open.

I like to ask, “How can I make the most of the day ahead?”. That’s a powerful question, a useful question, and it gives you agency over your day (and your fate).

When I read that card, I’m looking at it from two angles, and I invite you to do the same. Here’s how it works.

Breathe, shuffle, ask the cards, “How can I make the most of today?”.

Then, pull that card. And, interpret it through two lenses.

The first is the Mystical meaning. What is the higher message? How does it relate to your life purpose? What guidance does it offer you on the grander scheme of things?

Next, get practical.

Ask yourself how this card relates to your life, and to what you have on deck for that particular day. And here’s the most powerful part: let it suggest a concrete action that you can take, or an attitude you can take on, that is going to help you to move towards your goals or bring a really beneficially outcome to your day.


And then, go forth and do the thing and make the most of your day.

Need some examples to get you started? Happy to oblige.

Today I pulled the High Priestess as my Card-of-the-Day.

Mystical: The High Priestess is my Tarot Soul card, so on the higher level, she invites me to be true to myself, to trust my intuition and continue on my spiritual path even when those around me don’t understand where I’m coming from.

Practical: The High Priestess says, “Lori, keep your eyes open and your cards close to your chest today. Observe everything but keep your thoughts to yourself.”.

Last week I pulled the Eight of Pentacles.

Mystical: No effort is wasted. Find satisfaction in what you’re doing, knowing that what you’re putting out into the universe is of value and will pay off, even if you don’t know how right now.

Practical: Just get to work. No drama, no soul searching, just do the work that’s been piling up. You’ll feel great when you’ve gotten on top of all of those tasks.

One more, Six of Wands.

Mystical: The Universe has your back and is always cheering you on. Feel that support and love and go after your desire with confidence.

Practical: Step up and be a leader today. If you take the lead, others will follow. Speak up in that meeting, share your really good idea with the group, take the attitude that you are going to be successful and everyone else will feel that, too.

Now, your turn! Give it a try and let me know what you come up with in the comments.

And, bonus tip, at the end of the day go back and check in with your card. How did things play out? Did you take your own advice? Does the card reveal any further info to you now?

Card images from the upcoming Unifying Consciousness Tarot. See more images and follow our progress on Instagram here.

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