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Energy Follows Intention: Reiki with Shelly

I first met Shelly Burton at WonderWorks in Baldwin Village. I was there reading Tarot for an open house event, but in between clients I took the opportunity to float around this beautiful shop, admiring the goddess figurines, essential oils and many other intriguing items. I kept being drawn back to an alluring display of crystal pendulums, sparkling in the window. Shelly came over to have a look, and she picked up a pendulum with a lovely white crystal on a silver chain. It immediately started to spin at high velocity in a wide clockwise circle, I’d never seen anything like that before! Shelly watched it spin, laughed in what sounded like surprise and delight to me, and said that the next time she needs to explain to someone how the flow of energy works, she should just do this! Well, let’s just say that I was impressed.

Shelly Burton - Reiki with Shelly

Shelly Burton – Reiki with Shelly

What is Reiki and What Can it do for you?

When Shelly told me that she is a certified Reiki practitioner, this didn’t surprise me in the least. I don’t want to sound too gushy, but she just gives off such positive, joyful, and yet restful energy. Over a cup of tea, Shelly and I talked about her practice and how she came to be where she is today.

Shelly explained Reiki as ‘an invitation to well-being’, an ancient practice that supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Working on many levels, mental, emotional, physical, conscious and subconscious, Reiki is able to get to the root of any imbalances that we are experiencing. What Shelly said rang true to me, that sometimes neck pain is really the result of stress and worry, or that past heartbreak can make itself known through actual aches and pains. Reiki can help us to heal these past hurts and release that pain. However, it’s not only concerned with pain, Reiki can also help you to connect with your inner voice, your true feelings, and find a path in life that will align with your goals.

I asked Shelly how she started practicing Reiki, and she told me that she had been interested in healing and energy work for a long time, but when she suffered a serious and debilitating concussion, Reiki helped her to deal with the overwhelming exhaustion, sensitivity to noise and light, and inability to concentrate caused by her injury. Reiki brought Shelly back to who she was, helped her to heal both physically and emotionally, and gave her a sense of empowerment, because this is something that she was able to do for herself.

Reiki and Horses

Shelly Burton with horse

Shelly has a deep connection with horses

Shelly also talked about her love of horses, that she grew up around horses, and always had a knack of connecting and working with horses that were considered difficult and unmanageable by others. After her head injury, she was unable to ride, and it was very painful for her to close that chapter of her life, to lose that outlet. After 8 years of healing, Shelly felt a strong need to reconnect with horses, a feeling so natural and she realized that she no longer had to shut out this part of her life. Now, Shelly works with both horses and their owners, using Reiki to help riders who have suffered from concussions as she has, and to calm and heal horses who have been injured or previously mistreated . She mentioned that she volunteers at a racetrack, assisting the veterinarians by using her skills to calm the horses, and is preparing to pursue veterinary studies herself in tandem with her energy work.

Reiki and Sound or Tone

I asked Shelly to tell me what was different and unique about her practice, and she talked about her use of sound or toning during a Reiki session. This can mean that the client and practitioner use sounds like “Om” together to connect energetically, or that the client alone will be guided by the energy of the session to speak out loud what they are truly feeling. This practice helps the client to get out of their own head, release anxiety, and steer their life in a new direction.

Distance Reiki

Shelly also talked about the effectiveness of Distance Reiki. Laughing, she said that she was skeptical at first, but at the insistence of a friend, she gave it a try. They first discussed the areas that her friend wanted to focus on over Skype, then ended the call. Her friend lay down quietly in her location, and Shelly conducted the Reiki session in hers. After about an hour, they reconnected on Skype and talked about what happened. The results were amazing, her friend felt refreshed and relaxed, and enjoyed the same beneficial results as an in-person session. Shelly explained that you don’t have to physically be in the same place, the energy follows your intention. As a Tarot reader, this immediately made sense to me. I love doing in person Tarot readings, but I am always amazed at the accuracy and deep connection that can be achieved by doing readings by email and Skype. I think you’re just tapping into that same pool of energy, physical proximity isn’t necessary, and it was interesting to learn that this works for Reiki as well.

Having trained with Anita Levin, a 77 year old Reiki Master with an illustrious lineage, Shelly now shares the gift of Reiki at WonderWorks in Toronto, and also internationally through distance Reiki. For more information about this luminous woman, and to book a Reiki session, visit her website at .

Shelly Burton (Reiki with Shelly) and Lori Lytle (Inner Goddess Tarot)

Shelly Burton (Reiki with Shelly) and Lori Lytle (Inner Goddess Tarot)

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