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Getting to know your Tarot deck – A Meditation to Learn Tarot Card Reading

Building your personal connection with your Tarot Cards: A Meditation to Learn Tarot Card Reading

When you are new to Tarot, sometimes it can feel intimidating…taking that new deck off the shelf, opening the Tarot book, learning a spread…you might feel that you can’t put aside the necessary time in your busy life, so that deck ends up just staying on that shelf!

Here is an exercise, a kind of meditation, that will help you to connect and bond with your cards as you are learning how to read Tarot. Build your own personal connection with the cards, start reading Tarot without relying on a book!

Speaking of books, this exercise can be found in Mary K. Greer’s wonderful work, “Tarot for Your Self“, a highly recommended resource (as are ALL of her books!).

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes! What did you experience?

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