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Your 2024 Tarot year card

What’s Your Tarot Year Card for 2024?

For me, 2024 is a Wheel of Fortune year. 2023 was a Hermit year for me, and as I’m a true introvert, that felt just fine. But now, I’m gearing up for a wild ride as I spin to the fast-paced Wheel of Fortune year. As a Hermit, I reflected, gained insight, and made plans […]


Intro to Tarot: Death & Temperance

Over the past few months I’ve been introducing you to the mystical and practical world of the Tarot. So far, we’ve journeyed about half-way through the Major Arcana cards, meeting universal archetypes that resonate with us human beings at the soul level. Last time we swung with the scales of Justice, and then we hung […]

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Open your all seeing eye with the Unifying Consciousness Tarot

Welcome to the Unifying Consciousness Tarot. We greet you with a salutation of LOVE. SUPPORT US ON KICKSTARTER TODAY! CAMPAIGN ENDS DEC 8, 2022 The Unifying Consciousness Tarot is a co-creation between a spiritual artist and a practical mystic. Leo Scopacasa is the founder of Orbital Arts Gallery, and I’m Lori Lytle, also known as […]


Intro to Tarot: The Hierophant & The Lovers

Over the past months I’ve been introducing you to the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the cards that are the heart and soul of the deck. Last time you met a powerful duo, The Empress and The Emperor, and now we’ll move onto a rather unlikely pairing, The Hierophant and The Lovers. Just in case […]

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(Tarot) Writing is Really Hard

Writing is really hard. I’ve been writing the companion book for my upcoming Tarot deck, the Unifying Consciousness Tarot, for some time now. To be more accurate, I agonized and over thought about it for quite some time. Then, I spent some time doubting myself and my ability to say anything that made sense or […]