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Today’s Tarot Message: The Empress

Need quick (yet deep) insight into a particular Tarot card? Today’s Tarot Messages will give you a sense of the flavor and meaning of the card, plus a message that you can carry with you for your day. This is just a brief snapshot of the card, but it will give you valuable info and prompts for further study and contemplation. Something to add? Feel free to comment below!


Major Arcana: Number Three (III)

Correspondences: Venus, earth

Keywords: mother, the Earth Mother, love, abundance, femininity, sensuality, material comforts, fertility, pregnancy

Today’s Tarot Message: Embrace your own personal power and beauty, radiate confidence and be proud of who you are. You have so much compassion and love in your heart, share your gifts with others, while taking care of yourself and keeping what you need. This is a good time to get out into nature, and to appreciate the splendor around you, to say thank you to Mother Earth for all she provides.

Symbols in the card:

Shield: Symbol of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty

Pomegranates: Fertility, story of Demeter and Persephone, death and rebirth

Corn sheaves: Fertility, abundance, harvest

Starry crown: 12 stars, the 12 astrological signs

Scepter: Authority, power

Wreath: Victory, peace

Yellow background: consciousness, clarity

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I invite abundance into my life?

Do I feel comfortable in my own skin? Why or why not?

Am I connected with my sensual side?

Do I need to spend some time in nature?



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