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Today’s Tarot Message: The Fool

Need quick (yet deep) insight into a particular Tarot card? Today’s Tarot Messages will give you a sense of the flavor and meaning of the card, plus a message that you can carry with you for your day. This is just a brief snapshot of the card, but it will give you valuable info and prompts for further study and contemplation. Something to add? Feel free to comment below!



Major Arcana: Number Zero

Correspondences: Uranus, Air

Keywords: New beginnings, leap of faith, innocence, spontaneity

Today’s Tarot Message: Bring some lightness into your day. No overthinking allowed, be present in the moment and pay attention to the magic and possibility around you. Take that BIG leap of faith, take a new approach to all the daily tasks that lie before you, dive into your day with optimism and trust in yourself and the universe. Remember that miracles do happen and life is meant to be a joyful dance.


Symbols in the card:

Little white dog: You have a companion with you, watching out for you. Instinct over intellect.

White rose: Innocence, purity of intention.

Red feather: Passion, life force

Bag/sack: Only carries the essentials, no “emotional baggage”, travel light.

Yellow background: Clarity, consciousness, positivity, cheerfulness and optimism.

Eagle (on the Fool’s Bag): Long vision, being a leader in your own life, soaring higher and higher.

Questions to ask yourself:

Am I ready for a fresh start?

What’s holding me back from taking the plunge?

How can I bring more spontaneity into my life?

Do I approach life with optimism or anxiety? Why?


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